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Valentin Mar 6 '19
Can you explain more about PWA?

How can push notifications?


Here say:

"Any time visitors enter your site on their smartphones, they will already automatically end up in the app. They can skip this step and simply add an app icon to their home screen, which then will launch the application, like any other regular app."

but my visitors are not asked if they want to add to the desktop

I can put PWA on the Play store?

gami Mar 7 '19
hi how did you get to this link?

and where did you get the info that oxwall with pwa goes from?

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Rob Mar 7 '19

This has been known for some time Gami, that Oxwall also offers a PWA option.

Incidentally, here in the store you can also obtain a plugin for PWA.


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AppXprt Mar 7 '19
I'll provide some objective information, as I probably know more about PWA's than anyone on here besides the Oxwall team.

PWA stands for Progressive Web App and allows a user to install your site as an "App" on their home screen directly from your site.

With PWA it bypasses being in the app stores and allows install directly from site. You may eventually be able to get a PWA in the App stores (Microsoft already does this supposedly.)

Now this isn't really an "App" in the traditional sense, as it isn't compiled or put into any package for download.

Instead, PWA's work through a set of specifications that you set in various files. Once you match all the specifications and requirements up to a certain percentage, the clients browser will prompt the user for install using the settings your site supplies. Most browsers now support most of all PWA functionality, except iOS/Safari is running behind. Apple has just recently enabled service worker and doesn't yet support Web Push Notifications.

 All other major browsers are now fully or near enough to fully supporting PWA's with all features like Web Push, except Safari for security reasons regarding iOS.

A PWA consists of a few critical requirements that are mandatory:

1: Website Must Be HTTPS (SSL)

2: A Web Manifest:


3: A Client Side Caching Service Worker (Caching Required for PWA):


4: App Icon at multiple various sizes and Theme / Background Color specified and included in Manifest

5: Site Loads Quickly Enough for 3G/4G

Here is a PWA Checklist and there is A LOT of info all over the internet.


Here are some resources:





You already know where to find the updated SkaDate PWA's, but here are my Oxwall PWA Plugins:

OxPWA Lite

OxPWA Basic

OxPWA Advanced


OxHybrid (Hybrid App + PWA)

I found that the original SkaDate PWA wasn't a true PWA because it didn't automatically prompt for install, but I think that was to work around some limitations in IOS / Safari support.

They have updated their PWA with Google SW-Toolbox (Service Worker) and they DO now support install prompts on devices.

I use a very similar technique, using Google WorkBox Service Worker as an option along with various proprietary custom service workers I developed with some customizations for Push Notifications Subscriptions.

I am currently working on adding iOS to OxHybrid and creating a separate OxIOS plugin for Hybrid iOS App + PWA like OxAndroid does Hybrid Android App + PWA.

I have some proprietary idea's and code that I am about to test to get "web" push notifications working on iOS and if I am successful will be the first and only to be able to provide any sort of push notifications through iOS Service Workers!

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Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Mar 7 '19
Topic was moved from General Questions.
AppXprt Mar 7 '19
Oxwall Germany, I think you're getting a little trigger happy when it comes to moving posts...

You have been moving a massive amount of posts around, some of which seem trivial...

Pretty sure this was a General Question that was posted in the General Questions area?

I just happened to throw my 2 cents in because I'm not sure anyone else that is engaged here has the amount of knowledge in this area, but I'm fairly certain he was inquiring about the SkaDate PWA specifically? 

Maybe you could provide some information in this area specifically as I am only somewhat informed on SkaDate solutions...

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Rob Mar 8 '19

Correct ViXiV, it is indeed a general question.

Moving topics back and forth in the forum, causes in our eyes only confusion.