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Facebook User Import | Forum

AppXprt Apr 11
Facebook offers their data download in JSON format so a plugin could be created fairly easily I believe, that would allow the import of this user's data.
Rob Apr 12

But how do we set that up.?

So that the new members who register with a Facebook account have more info on their profile.!

AppXprt Apr 12
The users would have to import their own data in their dashboard, but this would have to be a plugin...
Rob Apr 13

Really, that data cannot be automatically taken from the Facebook account.?

A plugin for that would be perfect, or adjusting the Facebook connect plugin.?

AppXprt Apr 13
Well it's not up to the Admin.

We can't just upload users's data on their behalf, first we don't have access to it through Facebook and second it would a violation of the user's privacy.

So the only option would be Allowing users to upload their Facebook json exported data on their own.

Now there may be a way to do it through a Facebook app api to have a plugin request the data from Facebook, which the user would have to approve and all that, but honestly I recommend uploading the exported zip as it would be less complicated and wouldn't break like Facebook Connect does when they update their API's...

I think Facebook is tightening it's grip on the data that can be accessed over the API's anyway, so the best bet is uploading the FB zip.

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