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Small bugs and suggestions [Solved] - Mega Menu Pro | Forum

FB Apr 17 '19
I've just installed the Mega Menu Pro plugin and it looks great, specially the back-end. At this moment I have only three suggestion to improve it:

1. The <UL> that forms the menu has the classes "navbar-nav mr-auto" but if you added the class "ow_main_menu" it would inherit the style (font/color) of the current theme, even if it's not the Oxwall default. I've tried it with the PlatinumPro and it merged with the theme a lot better.

2. Now, the whole menu row is left-aligned, some themes have the content centered-aligned (leaving space at left and right), having an option in the settings page to choose the menu alignment: () left, () center, it would be great.

3. There is a small glitch in the css when view from the mobile: the right arrow that marks the dropdown options has been wrapped to the next line, obviously should be kept to the right of the text (see screenshot).

That's all, it looks promising!


Updated: Not sure about the background color setting, I enter an hex RGB value (#FF0000), a red box is shown to the right of the input text, but no red color is shown in the front-end menu. (?)

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ArtMedia Apr 18 '19

Please read and update plugin


write if you have any other problems or add "resolved" tag to forum topic, thanks

The Forum post is edited by ArtMedia Apr 18 '19
FB Apr 18 '19
Thanks, that was fast!

I'm sorry, but I've updated the plugin, and the megaMenuPro has vanished. I have inactivate it and re-activate it and clear the oxwall cache, but the new menu is gone, only the original remains.

Two screenshots attached: the 1.0 shows both menus, the 1.1 shows only the original menu. 

The Forum post is edited by FB Apr 18 '19
ArtMedia Apr 19 '19
ok, yout theme dont use BASE_CMP_Menu, i added path - if dont use this component, then before render page i add menu pro and hide original menu
FB Apr 19 '19
Thanks, now works again. Just a question this last modification is an ad-hoc one or it has been included in the official plugin and, in the future, I will be able to update it with no worries?
ArtMedia Apr 19 '19
this is attached to plugin
FB Apr 19 '19
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