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Better Plugin Development Tutorial? | Forum

Judia Krakowski
Judia Krakowski Apr 21 '19
I'm looking to make a simple sortable list plugin for OxWall. You'll make entries on the admin dashboard, and then it will show up on a page on the site. Users can sort the table by any of the columns. I read through the crash course doc they have on the site. I was wondering if there was more tutorials out there. 
JB TECH Apr 21 '19

The plugin skeleton holds documentation and working examples - https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/695

My colleague eobasi has some tutorials (more advanced stuff) - https://www.eobasi.com/category/coding/oxwall/

And you can always give JB Tech a try for custom development - http://jbtech.online/


Judia Krakowski
Judia Krakowski Apr 21 '19
I read through the plugin skeleton, but it didn't really explain things efficiently for me. 
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 21 '19

I do not know if it's because of the Google translator or because you do not explain yourself well, Judia Krakowski.

Please explain better what this plugin should do, what it should show and with what intention.

I think that offering only the Skeleton plugin as information is very little and professional help is very expensive: Making a plugin is several days of work and for a single installation is nonsense.

I will help you for free as much as I can, but I need to know what you want to do.

Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany May 2 '19
Topic was moved from Custom Oxwall Projects.
JB TECH May 9 '19
As it currently stands, there's no efficient way for plugin development learning than trial and error, and skimming through already existing plugins and base functions.
AppXprt May 9 '19
JB Tech is completely right...
dave Team
dave May 20 '19
Judia, i did make the attempt awhile back before oxwall left us all high and dry, i still have these if they will help 

Part 1


Part 2


I hope it helps.. 

Diana Nov 25 '19
Hello dave, thanks!

I have an issue, though. I am having trouble understanding what is even going on. I know it takes practice and dedication, I will try to do it right. 

dave Team
dave Nov 25 '19
No problem, if you want to PM with your questions ill try to help iron out the confusion so it makes better sense to you.   Or you can post a new topic in this section so everyone can benefit from it :)
Ebenezer Obasi
If anyone needs extra resources in addition to Dave's videos, you can check out this playlist I have put up specifically for this purpose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isazB0X9dnU&list=PL--mo-tJyjm_VJ8EVHtFOob2hBBldMczI

You can skip right to course 101 if you are already familiar with the basics of Oxwall. You can also download the plugin used in the video tutorial from Github: https://eobasi.github.io/owt_simpleplugin/

The Forum post is edited by Ebenezer Obasi Jan 7
AppXprt Jan 12
Videos are great, but I would love a spreadsheet or some sort of doc or wiki with a reference to all core classes, methods and functions... Pretty sure we should be able to pull all this automatically and then just add the documentation for it...

Lets get some updates and commits going...

Ebenezer Obasi
Thanks @AppXprt, it seems Oxwall moderation team deleted the other threads for some reasons. Perhaps we can have this conversations on a different platforms? Google Hangout/Forum?
dave Team
dave Jan 12
No Ebeneaer i removed my post because i agreed with you that any input needs to be in one place, i was afraid that the conversation would be split up too much and i wanted them to stay focused on your upgrade post.   Is that what your referring to? i hope they did not remove your upgrade post, thats just not right if they did.. 
Ebenezer Obasi
Yes, Dave, the upgrade thread was removed. You can see for yourself https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/66128
dave Team
dave Jan 13
WOW i have no clue why anyone would do that... that is just not right IMO   Yeah you might be better off discussing this outside the domain since it appears its not wanted here for some reason.  sad sad... 
The Forum post is edited by dave Jan 13
Chris_W Jan 13
I have somewhere to set up a forum with phpBB or similar if it would be helpful?
Chris_W Jan 14
I also have the domain oxwalldevs.com sitting around waiting for something to happen, and server space to set something up.
Ebenezer Obasi
Thanks @Chris_W

@AppXprt regarding your question about commits on the other thread, when I called for this collaboration, I had no intention of doing it alone. 2 weeks later, I got Patricia who offered to help with code documentation, the rest are people paying lip services and people trying to push one agenda or the other, with no one showing any real commitment to collaborate in the said project. So, I will admit that you are right that no developer will be willing to collaborate in a project like this. This is why I haven't made any commits on Github and probably why I wouldn't make anyone anytime soon.

dave Team
dave Jan 15
Ebenezer i am sorry to hear that lip service is what you are getting.  It seems to be the same ol thing every time.  I hope things change in that regard.  
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