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Plugin Update - Plugin not found | Forum

Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Apr 28 '19

Can not update installed Plugins. Version 1.8.4

When clicking on Update Error Message Plugin not found.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 28 '19

Most likely, the files of a plugin are not found and in the table ow_base_plugin is marked as active

Access that table in the database and review them to see what it is.

If you do not find which is to disable all, with that you can access the plugins control panel correctly and activate them one by one until you find which is the error.

There is a plugin that deactivates them all, https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1078, but if you can not access to install it, it will not work and you will have to do it manually.

Once you locate the plugin that gives an error, remove its line from that table.

Once everything is working and you have activated the plugins you use, you must reorder the menu and the position of the different wigets in profile, index and dashboard

Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Apr 30 '19
Thank you Patricia
Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock Apr 30 '19

Just a feedback.

Wrong PHP Version and curl was disabled.

Have a good day.


AppXprt Apr 30 '19
Honestly, probably just curl missing...
Klaus Rock
Klaus Rock May 4 '19

Any Idea why View More is not working ?