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create custom html data table and export data to chart | Forum

jaymey May 20 '19
I know how to create, read, edit, data using php html javascript and phpmyadmin, I'm also familiar with using this data to create a chart. However I'm wanting to integrate oxwall into my project because it has some key features which honestly I'm unable to find the code for to create myself. My question and issue, is it possible to have a html form linked to data table accessible and customizable to each session user? then add an option to allow a user access to view other users data? This is fairly easily achievable on it's own but integration into oxwall is my delima.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla May 20 '19

Yes, of course it can be done.

All OxWall is nothing more than a presentation of contents of a database, a usual management of members (profile, registration, etc) and then plugins that do things with this base.

But you should specify well what you want to do to help you.

I understand that it is similar to a spreadsheet for each user and that each user can put what they want in it.

Would it be with fixed-rate fields or something less concrete and more polyvalent?

Can everyone see it or only certain users with certain criteria?

If you do not ask more concrete questions, it is difficult to help you.