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JB TECH Jun 5 '19

Good day, Oxwallers!

We're running a special to promote our services for you! Right now, if you purchase Support Center+, you get our other plugin Email Lists for FREE! Just message us with your transaction id/license key to confirm and will send you a key!

Also, if you try out our Support + or Support ULTRA plans, you will currently receive both plugins FREE, plus a $50 credit for JB Tech services (towards a support plan or custom development hour.)

Contact us today to get it going, with JB Tech!

JB TECH Aug 23 '19
Great news! You can now download "Email Lists" for FREE! Go ahead and get a copy now!
Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Aug 24 '19
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dave Team
dave Aug 24 '19
Excellent JB, thanks... this will make a great tool for backups and support needs. 

Remember folks that you should not use email lists to import to a new email marketing software such a icontact.  The law states that once you remove anyone from a list or change marketing software you must allow that email holder to re-opt in.  Especially with icontact they are very serious about false opt ins and they will close your account  Which is how i discovered the law.

In my early days when i was green i changed from phplist to icontact and i figured i would just move my users over to icontact "no big deal right".  Wrong! Icontact was very quick to lay down the law to me and froze my account for 10 days to make sure i knew they were serious, i never had another problem with icontact but boy that was a lesson learned. 

Emails now days are taken very serious as property and personal info, so just be aware.  :)

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JB TECH Aug 24 '19

Thanks for your feedback Dave!

To help educate users of the plugin, I'll be trying to add an update later (sometime soon) to warn about the misuse of email information, etc., and to inform users of including a clause in their privacy policy regarding the use of this function (saving sensitive user data to local servers/machines).