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Forum error - Forum | Forum

Alex Jun 9 '19

When sending a response to the forum gives the error.

Message: SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'action' at row 1 File: /....../ow_core/database.php

Who knows what this error is and how to fix it?
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dave Leader
dave Jun 9 '19
did you make any changes to files or to the db structure at all?

When did this start happening, maybe after a new plugin was installed?  If so deactivate that plugin and try again. 

Alex Jun 10 '19
The problem appeared after moving to another server.
if you clear the database tables of the forum, the problem disappears, and after the tables are returned, the error reappears. Also, the problem disappears if you delete several of any forum topics.
Alex Jun 10 '19
followed your advice but the error remained. The problem is apparently in the database itself.
Quote from Chris_W Have you tried removing the forum plugin after backing up the database. Then reinstall the forum plugin and see if a clean forum does the same thing. If the forum works okay, restore the database and try the forum again, if it fails, they is probably a character set problem.

Alex Jun 10 '19
After installing the forum, there was no problem, and after restoring the database, the problem returned.
dave Leader
dave Jun 10 '19
+1 Chris_W   It appears you may have some bad data in your forum import, do you know how to work with phpMyAdmin?   If so you can look at the forum data to see if there is anything obvious lets say in the last 10 posts and correct it manually then re import.  Usually its within the last posts because once the error occurs then there are no other posts. 

How old is your site?  Do you have lots of data in your forum tables?

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Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Jun 10 '19
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dave Leader
dave Jun 22 '20

Have you made any changes to your database structure, done any edits to your fiels, installed a new plugin recently?

When does this happen, can you open the forum?  Does it load?

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