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Some important 5 questions | Forum

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victory Jun 16 '19

I have 5 questions :
1)When will the full final version of oxwall be released ?(any specific month this year )

2) Will 3rd party plugins be working with the new version ?

3) Is there some plugin where users can upload video directly in oxwall , since now a days with boom of mobile devices , people want to upload there own video .(not from links or other places ) . It will be great if it is provided inbuilt (since video is the demand of hour)

4) As you must be knowing it before , it will be great if you can add SSO of microsoft , Instagram , baidu , twitter and some other major apps

5) Also fully functional mobile version theme for oxwall , since now a days people work on mobile only . Will all buttons get added to mobile version also ?

Chris_W Jun 17 '19
1) Oxwall appears to no longer be under development, but there is a fork of the script that is: https://www.chamial.com/

2) Don't know

3) There is a video upload plugin in the store.
4) Don't know
5) Any of the fully responsive themes in the store should resize and display correctly on any device.

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 17 '19

1) It is not known. I found this:


April of last year that gave hope that something would be published, but a year later we see that it has not been like that.

However, there are many updates on GitHub that are very interesting but require a little more technical knowledge than usual to download and install them. The developers have all gone to SkaDate and those of us who are not customers have no access, not even being developers of OxWall plugins.

The outlook is not good and that is why it is interesting versions - more or less legal - of OxWall as Chamial, or those that seem abandoned: OxWallPlus, OxwallAmerica and OwEngine.

2) Some plugins if and others do not, there are many plugins of developers who abandoned OxWall that remain in the store that do not work, or do not work well, and that discredits the store and OxWall. I think the "rules" of the store is missing a very important, and if a developer disappears for a long time, their plugins passed into the public domain and others could continue to develop.

3) In the store there is one, it has been updated recently.

4) I do not know, my website is for adults and it is closed to any interaction with other networks. I have not studied these subjects.

5) Progress is being made in this direction, but at turtle speed. The development tools for APP are very expensive so I do not think we never have an APP. The browser version of OxWall does not like the users or plugin developers, from my point of view it is a bad adaptation. OxWall deserved a better mobile design ... but when it was done the brain drain had already started. There are things in the store based on PWA, they are expensive and complex and nobody knows how they are used. I bought one of them, I have not known how to use it and I have left it as impossible. Maybe it's my fault for not speaking English, for too summarized instructions that Google translates badly, and links to websites that are too technical and need many hours of study to be able to do something.

I will continue to make plugins but I do them for my website that is profitable. I put up for sale those that I think can be useful, few, because I entertain too much in that they are perfect and that few people appreciate it. You make a 5-10 USD plugin that in one weekend you have it done and it sells well, make one for 30-40 USD very complex that requires months of work and checks and one or two are sold.

My modifications to other plugins can not be put on sale, and my modifications to the OxWall kernel makes some plugins incompatible, so I do not publish them either.

I do not know if OxWall is recommendable or not to start a new website because I do not know other platforms, I have always been with OxWall and now that I know it thoroughly I will not change.

dave Leader
dave Jun 17 '19
Hi Victory, 

As stated above Oxwall as we know it is no longer actively being developed Officially by the Oxwall Team. However, there are other projects being developed from the existing Oxwall version.  This is done by volunteers that want to keep the fire alive.   We dont know what the exact reason is that Oxwall stopped development, we know there Team was always small and it could be just normal attrition.  However, i know that others (volunteers) will keep the plugins and software working for as long as they can.

I dont have answers to your other questions but i do have a video plugin that has been well received by everyone.  Here is the link to my current plugin list. 


Best of luck in your adventure, many people still use Oxwall, check out the daily downloads and ask around if you are concerned :)

Dave :)

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victory Jun 18 '19
Thank you all for the help. Will look into the plugin - I use AWS , so i was a bit afraid .

I guess , could any one tell how to move out my website (users + data) from oxwall to other latest scripts like wowonder or sngine ?

dave Leader
dave Jun 18 '19
I understand about AWS, we have had several users who had issues with AWS and the plugin but then some dont have any issue.  I am not familar with AWS at all and even working with the users could never figure out what the deal was.  And what was strange is that it had to do with the confirmation page which is pretty much like any other page so we were never able to figure out the issue with AWS.  Thats why i put the warning on the plugin page.  Several of those users moved to other servers and were fine after that.

Regarding other scripts, as far as  know there is no conversion script to move data from Oxwall to something else.   Someone could code a special import but that would be special coding project.   I have done a few back in the day and sometimes it was not so bad but other times wow it was a major undertaking.   But i dont do that stuff anymore, too stressfull :)

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