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Email sending | Forum

Catkin Jul 2 '19
So I am near tearing out my hair at the frustration of getting emails to send promptly from Oxwall out to our users, 5 minute wait time is acceptable. 
Also I find it frustrating how many providers mark our emails as spam. This may be because of the mail's being HTML format?

Here's what I know:
• we exported our sites email services to reliable and self hosted service. There's no "bottle neck" here.
• Oxwall puts emails into a queue to be sent.
• email sending is part of the Cron job, a frustrating part of the Cron job is if there is no site traffic emails will be much slower to send.

Here's what I would like fixed: 
• emails to rely on another protocol to be sent outside of the Cron job.
• account creation and password reset emails to have priority.
all email templates be more easily accessible and customisable.

Really looking for tips and suggestions to help me fix this. I'm making a tutorial on how to customise the email templates at the moment and hope to share that with the community. But as I've said, really frustrated at getting our emails sent out fast and reliably. If it's possible to improve this with plugins, please DM me and I'm more than happy to try throw some money at this.

I really appreciate the support from the Oxwall Developer community and hope we can share our experience to help this issue, and I thank you!
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 3 '19

I am working on this topic, it includes more areas than just the emails, although the emails also.

I am developing a plugin that assigns a number (hidden to the members) of "interest of this member", based on whether it is paid or not, if he has filled out his profile well, if he uploads photos, if he participates in the different sections, if he answers private messages, if they respond to private messages, if they reject friend requests or cancel them, if he connects often, if his private conversations are of many messages and all the information I can recover. The objective with this data obtained is double, for the "good" being more promoted in a widget of "proposed friendships" and for the "bad guys" to send emails to increase their activity. Emails also prioritize, if you have conversations with regular activity and respond to a conversation you notice immediately, but if you have a bad note ... emails arrive later, grouped as OxWall by default but later still. I try to have fewer emails every day and not all members deserve the same treatment.

This is already working on my website with 18,000 members, but I need to refine it and see if everything can be moved to a plugin because I have currently modified what OxWall does by default

and the policy of OxWall is against the modification of the kernel in case an update arrives (¿??)

I have not worked on the design of the emails themselves, but on when they are sent and how urgent they are, so maybe you would like to collaborate by completing your work with mine

Catkin Jul 4 '19
Sorry Patricia, I don't think this is what I am looking for.

JB TECH Jul 4 '19

What's the "self hosted service" you're using? Also, a lot of modern client applications such as Gmail, Outlook, etc., weigh email contents by the message data and it's sender information. Most emails from, say, facebook.com will almost always come in fine (unless the user manually marks down for spam). But lesser known "verified" domains will be judged.  Some providers handle this differently than others, which is why promoting users to "whitelist" your email helps some.

Additionally, Oxwall's email handling in general isn't the best. I had a network with 700+ users, maybe 10% active, including my personal account. I received notification emails somewhat regularly, but that was on older Oxwall. It seems now that you must be setting on several site notifications for days before it will reach out. As for change password and emails like that: they seem to run fine on my test sites. It can of course be your cron job, your host, etc.

If you tested it, you can write a simple code to have an email be set up and sent and it will send instantly. Cron is a finicky technology and can sometimes work against you.

Catkin Jul 4 '19
Dam right Jake, Cron jobs are really touchy.

So we had an error where we switched from cPanel to CWP and there was still references to the cPanel code. 

We are going to change how Oxwall call on the Cron job and also hope to drag the email instructions out of it and run it separately. This work will be carried out by our lead developer not me. My knowledge does not stretch that far!

emails seem to be behaving at the moment but I will keep you updated if we manage to make any improvements and share it with the community.  

Catkin Jul 7 '19
We managed to fix our email sending issues, unfortunately I myself don't know what fixed it! 
LouisDemoss Dec 16 '22
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