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Everything duplicates when submitted | Forum

JB TECH Jul 9 '19

I started up a new install of Oxwall last night, and all seemed fine. I did some more work on it today, and along the way something has caused ALL data submitted on my site to submit twice.

I'm completely dumbfounded. Site is www.moshiro.co

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 9 '19

It happened to me once and I could not solve it.

Uninstalling the newsfeed plugin and reinstalling it is solved, but you lose all the comments of photos, wall, blogs, etc.

JB TECH Jul 10 '19
Hm, that didn't work. I deleted it and everything, cleared cache, yet all the data was still there and the same error keeps occurring.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 11 '19

I guess you have already looked at your server's LOG and there is nothing relevant there.

Try deactivating all the plugins to verify that it is not one of them that is generating the problem.

Also try putting the web in DEBUG mode https://wiki.oxwall.com/plugin-tuts:enable-debug

and observe if an error or warning occurs. 

JB TECH Jul 11 '19

This is super strange. Plugin deactivation didn't change anything, debug shows nothing at all, and the error log has nothing relevant besides some basic smarty style bugs. My last option, I guess, is to do a fresh reinstall and port over my essential data.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 11 '19
Try uninstalling the newsfeed plugin again and check from the control panel of the server that the tables have been really deleted, because of my experience with this same problem this plugin must be the one that is not working well