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Exclusive Plugin - Closed to New Customers - OxHybrid | Forum

AppXprt Jul 13 '19
This is an exclusive plugin and is closed to new customers, sorry for any inconvenience. 

Existing customers missing a licenses, contact me and I will grant you a license once confirmed.

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AppXprt Sep 27 '19

Multiple minor Bugs Fixed...

Fixed Reset FULLY

Fixed Service (PWA) Disable FULLY
Added Delete Export Files

Added ISO Export Creation

Added Build Button for sending to AppXprt Auto-Build Infrastructure

Building Android Apps from Manifest to APK in  ~5 Minutes -> * Once Properly Configured *

The Forum post is edited by AppXprt Sep 27 '19
Paul Jan 21 '20
Hi. I see the plugin is reopened for new customers with some updates. I am still looking for a gread solution/plugin for an app.

Interested in forgetting the old topic and starting a new sale?

Paul Jan 22 '20
No problem ;)

I did not "stole a lot of money" from you. Your app was not even alpha, it was not even in the store because nothing worked. I invested a lot of time to test it for you.But I agree, I think you are still not working professionall, because you are accusing and offend me

Have a nice day ;)

Paul Jan 22 '20
Stolen what? I just get my money back for a plug-in that never worked
Paul Jan 22 '20

Always the same story. You can't prove your allegations (which you even have against other users) because you know it's wrong.

Or have you already seen the code/plugin somewhere else?

It's baseless and just plain stupid. Very unprofessional.

I was asking friendly, you could have just answered no to my first question, but you don't stop, telling me some of your stories.

AppXprt Jan 22 '20
You're absolutely right Paul, I should have been nicer and more respectful and for that, I sincerely apologise. You have been helpful to the community and I will consider it, which I should have done originally instead of persistently being stubborn.
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Paul Jan 27 '20
Hey thanks :) 

Can´t answare on you pms 

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