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Understand OW ping javascript | Forum

Marcus Aug 2 '19

Hi I am trying to learn how to use oxwall ping but I can't figure out where this code gets data from:

OW.getPing().addCommand('skeleton_ping', {
            params: {},
            before: function()
                this.params.counterOldValue = counterOldValue;

            after: function( data )
                counterOldValue = data.counterNewValue;
        }).start(1000); // Time interval in milliseconds

It says data is null. Anyone please.

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AppXprt Aug 3 '19
Instead of alert use console.log(data) for dumping variables / objects (you'll have to check browser console for output).
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dave Leader
dave Aug 3 '19
my advice, download a copy of agent ransack and use it to find stuff.  Thats how i do it. :)  Its all about the tools you use... 


Its a search utility you use on your pc, you can search the entire oxwall script (or any script) for keywords.  

Hope that helps. 

Is this code from the skeleton plugin ?

AppXprt Aug 3 '19
That may work well, but anyone using client side JS needs to know that console.log is the official default way to dump objects.
Marcus Aug 3 '19
Thanks so much for teaching me all this stuff guys