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[solved] Ipv6 IP:s support - Profile countries | Forum

OW-Ghost Aug 2 '19

I think the database you provide to download not support IPv6 country list

Can you update or provide a file to upload to database locally, it would bee great

please not make the database splitt in BIG parts as default mysql is sett allow max 16 mb data to upload if you not change the mysql settings on your server. try splitt the upload in smaller parts like 14mb and more clicks to upload the database rather then change settings in msql server



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ArtMedia Aug 3 '19
on todo i want using static file to search country via ip than mysql, on next version i try release new system to detect country via ip, where i can easy update ip database
OW-Ghost Aug 5 '19
the origianl ip database need bee overwrite with the ipv6 adress

the reason it have to do that is because third part plugins or mobile applications use the original ip database when a user sign ups

example all my 3 platforms PWA.android.ios use the original ip database 

hmmm....interesting indeed...i think my mobile apps is already working with country flag and blocker plugin it is only look in wrong ip database...

i do not know how this should working for all platforms...but maybe you know how to do

it is same with ipquality plugin

i can not enter js script for fingerprint on one page or on the sign up pages on my mobile platforms

not sure how to solve this....

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ArtMedia Aug 6 '19
my database support ipv6 addresses, but if you select on plugin options to check joinIp address, then on oxwal this value on database have always value = 0, because oxwall parse ip address to int vaue
OW-Ghost Aug 6 '19
but there is only 2 options

Detect country by Login Ip or Register IP

what option support ipv6 ?

hmm maybe a ipv6 fully plugin upgrade would bee awsome

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ArtMedia Aug 6 '19
if you select login ip, then plugin check ip after user login and then try find country and update user country, if you select register ip, then plugin get value from base_user table, where ip is saved as int value, so when ipv6 then value = 0
OW-Ghost Aug 6 '19
i have always setting "login ip" but still it shows value = 0 with they who joins with ipv6 ?

must bee a bug in the plugin or not working with my mobile apps?

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ArtMedia Aug 7 '19
but plugin only update country based on login ip, plugin dont save ip anywhere, you always will be have join ip = 0, when user join to site using ipv6, you must wait to oxwal team fix this bug or hire developer to modify oxwall core to change code and save ipv6 correctly
OW-Ghost Aug 7 '19
is it possible look up ip in another way? not use oxwall look up feature?


ArtMedia Aug 8 '19
maybe i create plugin, which will be logging all ip history for users
OW-Ghost Aug 8 '19
okey great :)
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