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my web can not register new user | Forum

fanrongqi Aug 13 '19

I used Windows 7, and I installed ampps. In this software, I installed oxwall. Installation was successful, when I clicked on registration, I could not register. Under the header section, the error was: Captcha validator error!

The pictures are as follows.

How can we solve this problem? Can I add a new username and password as an administrator?

dave Leader
dave Aug 13 '19

Welcome to Oxwall forum.   Is your site on maintenance mode?   And no you cannot add user as admin without a plugin.  Check the store..  :)

Also check this   https://wiki.oxwall.com/faq:captcha-troubleshooting

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fanrongqi Aug 15 '19
Where to check if the website is in maintenance mode? How to cancel maintenance mode? Can you tell me the procedure? Thanks very much.
Sumate Aug 15 '19

This error is more common than you imagine, it happened to me when I installed it once in xampp then I went to linux, for now I advise you to unbalance the captcha in


-Captcha Settings-

Take your tests and learn from the software.

fanrongqi Aug 15 '19
Thank you very much for your reply. Captcha Settings - Enable on Join form. I canceled the selection. The registration page did not display the authentication code, but I still could not register. Page Tip: Please fill in the form. Are there any fields that are not displayed on my browser?

Another browser display is

dave Leader
dave Aug 15 '19
Do you know how to use the browser console?  If so see if there are any errors there.

Also add your site url to your profile so we can help you.

fanrongqi Aug 16 '19
I opened the console without any error messages.

dave Leader
dave Aug 16 '19
Deactivate all 3rd party plugins and try again.
Marcus Sep 1 '19
Install on a life server I bet your using localhost. The problem is this security token
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Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 2 '19

An unverifiable package, check your server configuration.

PHP version ..?

Server machine operating system.

Where did you get the Oxwall installation package?

Example: Oxwall Download page or cpanel / soft script package.

Take a look at the server requirement that was created by Dave before. Author: Dave

Replace the package you have with the github oxwall package and try restarting the installation manually.


Download as oxwall.rar

Extract the package to the folder.

Add all to the root site with FTP program FZ File Zlla.

Make the Server Administrator login, select the My_Mysql option.

In the left section of the Mysq database that opens, click on the option (Create new database). Then add a database name. Character set selection Please choose the language set according to your country. Example: Utf_8_generic. Confirm the insertion of the table.

Add sitename.com/install to the Wab browser link field.

When the address sitename.com is entered, the ow_install page will open again smoothly.

Complete the instructions in order.

Ask your server administrator for your Mysgl password. Assign your own mysql password to oxwall if you are authorized to do so.

You will be redirected to the successfully created page.

When all operations are done, remove the ow_install folder in the server folders (you may experience major problems if you do not remove this folder. The first installation will complete your job.)

For more information, please contact:

A note with the entire transaction error page. Save it.

Check the ow_log / error.log contents to see any errors that occur after installation.