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[Solved] Ip not visible on profile page - IP users lookup | Forum

OW-Ghost Sep 22 '19

I need click "more" to see the IP and very frustrating do everytime as admin.

Is it possible make it visible and not need click "more" everytime for check the IP?

Please look provided screenshot

One more thing:

The old lookup plugin and the others in the store have the possibility to click on the IP and then redirect to a location lookup website?

like this free one that check the Ip quality at the same time it checks location with just a click on the IP


Thanks for make Ipv6 working with this plugin ...very useful ....my site already registrated 1000 ipv6 adresses so i can not see why someone should not use ipv6 if want to grow big

I hope you can upgrade this one to ipv6 and Geolite2 support


I use this plugin daily for check what country they stay at and very useful for admins to see directly they location with the country flag

Thanks for awsome work


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ArtMedia Sep 23 '19

I change toolbar item order to "0" so you should see it on first position after plugin update

i add "more info" button, which redirect to ipqualityscore.com, where you get more info about ip

Please update plugin
More: https://developers.oxwall.com/...m/topic/65563?page=1

About profile countries plugin, i have this on TODO list, but i wait to sell more licences. I have policy that when plugin refund time spend on developing, then if i sell more licences i develop plugin futher.

For now on list is distance plugin first, where i must add maps component with users

OW-Ghost Sep 23 '19
Awsome upgrades!

- toolbar fix working fully, can now see ip directly on profile pages.

- the "more info" button works only inside the plugin setting page.
it is not working when press the "more info" button on the "profile page" ? it just show the ipquality adress but the ip is not included in the link. 

- I would like pay you for faster fix profile countries plugin , please send me a price suggestion in PM if possible.


The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Sep 23 '19
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