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Desktop version accessing from mobile | Forum

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 2 '19

I have done a survey of my users who access from mobile phones and 90% prefer the DeskTop version.

At each login OxWall detects the type of device and activates one version or the other.

Has anyone worked on that if a mobile user activates the DeskTop version this is memorized and for the next login does not use the "autodetect" and activate the previous decision?

My idea is to share the works, if nobody has worked on this I will fight alone with this tiger and maybe it ends up in a plugin or in a kernel modification.

Thanks for answering here if you are interested in this problem.

Catkin Oct 4 '19
What we have done on our site is to disable the mobile version and then updated the CSS so that our theme works on mobile.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 4 '19

Thank you, but what I am looking for is to memorize which version you prefer to use each member if he accesses from a cell phone and only uses self-detection the first time he accesses from mobile.

If he accesses from DeskTop, the memorized must be ignored, not updated and activate the DeskTop version.

I will do this when I finish with a plugin that I have half done, I asked if anyone had worked on this

AppXprt Oct 4 '19
Store a Cookie "visited" value in conjunction with detecting User-Agent (to verify same device)...
AppXprt Oct 4 '19
I do this a little different though because I'm not detecting first visit so much as WHAT is connecting so I don't use cookies... I have hybrid and pwa apps with customized User-Agents and a custom subscription system based on multiple factors that keeps up with which device is "active".

In this way a user can have multiple devices to receive push notifications or just potentially choose to only receive them on the device that is active at that time.

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