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Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia
Perhaps it could be that the developer of a plugin/theme has an unchecked account with PayPal.?
dave Team
dave Oct 18 '19
Do you mean unverified?
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

We don't know whether this means been verified or not, but here in the Netherlands we have had to send a lot of business information to PayPal so that our account became a full business account.

Incidentally, we also had to send these papers to Google to get a full-fledged business account there in connection with the API keys, among other things.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 18 '19

I don't think it's a problem to verify accounts.

My PayPal account is already 12 or 15 years old, I always have a positive balance in Euros and Dollars and they tell me that I am a "seller with a good reputation" because I have no disputes and when I have them they are resolved in my favor.

I have only lost one dispute, that of AppXpert and its PWA plugin.

This rank of "good reputation" only translates into the fact that in case of dispute they do not retain money from that operation while it is resolved.

Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

Our account is also very old Patricia, and in itself PayPal works quite well.

It is also not a question of whether someone has a good reputation with PayPal, because they are just an intermediary.

We think that the idea behind this community around the basic software of Oxwall, is the cooperation between all to ultimately come to good products.

Developers and buyers both benefit from this.

Unfortunately that the outdated basic software is not being tackled is unfortunate, but apparently there is no intention from Oxwall.

dave Team
dave Oct 18 '19
It used to be that you could show a verified logo from paypal on your website if you were business verified, to gain the visitors trust.  But alot of people stopped using that logo because when you clicked on it the page showed your paypal email address. Paypal was suppose to block that email display and show your merchant ID instead for security but i dont know if they ever did that or not. That was a long time ago.
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

We don't know if such a label will help to someone's reputation.

We believe that if you sell products, then you should have everything in order.!

This means that the payment options must be in order (the seller must check this in advance) so that the buyer can directly download and use the products, which is also the setup of a digital webshop.

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