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Kang Nguyen
Kang Nguyen Dec 2

In which table can I find all content a specific user has posted to the newsfeed?

ow_newsfeed_status and ow_newsfeed_activity seem to have some, but I am not sure if all or how to sort it by user?  In the newsfeed action table, I can see when I click on the "data" column and look at the content, it includes the user's ID, but is there a better way to sort than clicking one by one through every entry to check if it is associated with a particular user?

And if a user has deleted status updates, will it still be in the table or no?  Do I have to look in a site backup to (hopefully) get them?

Sorry if this is really obvious...

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dave Leader
dave Dec 2
Sounds like your going to have to run a query in phpMyAdmin to select the rows out of the table data field that contains the userid

I personally cant remember ever doing such a query or i would just copy and paste it for you.  The best thing to do is to get a sheet of paper and try to map out how the newsfeed tables are shared (data wize) then you will know if you remove one row from one newsfeed table, you have to remove the corresponding row from another table. 

Thats the best way i know to handle it unless someone else has a query they can share with you. 

You could also print out the tables export on paper to give you something to write on to help break it down.

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