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Cow Man
Cow Man Dec 7 '19

Common Tips on How to Find A Towel for Your Bathroom

Shopping for a towel is not as easy as you may think. When is a towel soft? How can it absorb water better? Does the weight even matter? You can find the answers below before finding the best of products:

Fiber Content

Bath towels made 100% from cotton are the most absorbent and softest.

You don't need to focus on premium cotton such as Supima or Egyptian. They are usually found in top-notch products but don't bring a real difference in terms of durability, absorbency, softness in both tests, and real-life uses.

Another great option is a polyester-cotton blend, which is more durable, quick-drying, and less expensive. You can check this information easily from TheKingLive .

Production highlights

Assessing the production quality of a towel quickly is not easy, but you can get the hang of it by remembering these keywords:

Combed cotton: in these towels, manufacturers have brushed them to remove the shorter fibers, making them more durable and softer.

Twist: this indicates how much the yarn has been twisted. A higher degree means a more durable towel, but lower twist levels increase the surface areas, making the towel more absorbent and plusher.

Aerocotton, Microcotton, and Hydrocotton: reputable and well-known manufacturing processes produce more reliable products with higher levels of absorbency and softness.

All the above recommendations do not mean you should feel the softness of a towel only in the store, since manufacturers have many ways to cheat us.

In order to make the towels feel softer, they may put some finish on them. But after a few washes, this coating may come off easily.

Instead, you should have a close look at the edges to see if they are neatly secured and folded with secure, close stitching, a reliable indicator of great craftsmanship. They can extend the lifespan of the tower and prevent fraying.


A value you must pay attention to is grams per square meter (GSM), which indicates how dense the towel material is. Typically, the higher the value, the denser your towel. This will make it plusher and more absorbent.

The heaviest towels usually have a GSM of 600-900, the medium weight, 400-600, while 300-400 GSM tells you that the towel is lightweight.

The towels with top performances are in the range of 500-700 GSM, which is above average.

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Your preferences

At the end of the day, to find the best products is when personal preference plays a huge role.

If you like an ultra-absorbent, super soft towel, find towels made 100% from cotton with plush, dense loops of yarn.

But if you want a more durable and quick-drying towel, you can consider lighter fabric such as the low-pile cotton-poly blend, which has short loops. These fluffy loops make the towel softer and absorb water better, but this also means a longer drying time and more wear when you do laundry.

Towels, together with your clothing, can add a warm touch to your closet, so to make it more colorful, you can select a stack of various accent patterns and colors.

Stocking your cabinets with towels of different colors depending on the season is another great idea. You can browse several Amazon products at the same time to see if they fit in your closet.


We hope that the tips above have given you another angle to look at a common piece of clothing like towels. These recommendations will help you find a towel you like besides other The best review Thekinglive.com.

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Melina Smith
Melina Smith Aug 21 '21
Thanks you mate! finally got a store to buying all my bath products, did you know any store where do I get curtain for my house? let me know if you have any suggestions, my friend suggest me Curtain Wonderland Coupons store did you have any idea about their curtain quality?
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rositarosie May 3

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