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First item is not clickable - Mega Menu Pro | Forum

Markus ALD-Team
Markus ALD-Team Mar 8 '20

Hello Artmedia,

if a menuitem has sub items, then the main link is not clickable (it just toggles the dropdown)
In source I have a complet <a...> tag

But I must repeat the Link in second item. So double work and not so nice to use.

Is it possible to make the main item clickable for a better usabillity?

Thank you for helping.


<li class="mainmenu-item nav-item dropdown"> <a class="nav-link dropdown-toggle" id="menu-11" role="button" data-toggle="dropdown" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false" href="https://www.blablabla.eu/users">users</a> <ul class="dropdown-menu" aria-labelledby="menu-11"><li> <a class="dropdown-item" href="https://www.blablabla.eu/users"> user list</a>

Mac Fionn
Mac Fionn Jul 13 '20
You shouldn't HAVE to make it work. It should already work EXACTLY like that. Just because an Item has nested menus doesn't mean the root must give up its usability.

But just like everything else he has, its buggy and he doesnt reply!! Case in point.. this was now written over FOUR MONTHS AGO and still not addressed, much less solved!

ArtMedia Jul 14 '20


this was tricky, because menu is responsive and on mobile when you click (on mobile you dont have mouse hover effect) on item, which have subitems, then subitems are showed.

Please update plugin i add function, which allow click on main items, when device have width > 768



You wrote me email on saturday and i reply you the same day, please check folder spam, attached screen to prove that i reply you, i support all my plugins if have bugs, something dont work if this not caused by 3rd party plugins and themes

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