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New problem / Error 500 - Love Partner | Forum

Michael Mar 20 '20


Today we did some new test with our page. A request for partnership or remove gives an error:

Ani ideas?



Sumate Mar 20 '20
Are you using it on Skadate? .Please test the plugin in a clean version of oxwall.
Michael Mar 21 '20

I dont have a clean version of oxwall, and yes i use skadate. But maybe an idea, not sure if this is the problem: your plugin worked well the last days. But i wanted to use a better message system then the original one. So i installed Arrowchat and deactivated the messages plugin. Since then it dont work anymore.

So i deinstalled arrowchat and installed the messages plugin again, but now always the error comes again.

I think your plugin need the normal messages plugin. But maybe better to change it to activity notifications plugin? So people could use other message systems.

Michael Mar 21 '20

At the moment messages plugin is running, the error only exist if i want to remove love request. Send love request without error.

With existing message plugin i found a solution:


line 20 should be like :

                $service->removePatner($_POST['userid'], $_POST['patnerId'], $_POST['status'], $_POST['timestamp']);

The original is:

                $service->removePatner($_POST['userid'], $_POST['patnerId'], );

So no more error 500.

But the message is crazy:at  message button no notification, but if i open all messages, there is one. And at the browser tab i also see that there is a new message.

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Sumate Mar 21 '20

I am sorry to hear that, but we do not ensure compatibility with third-party plugins. This week I will be somewhat busy personally, in my country everything is in chaos right now by the coronavirus, give me a few days to see if I can send it to you Personally, some type of modification, but I want to make it clear that our plugin works correctly and we do not ensure compatibility with third-party plugins.

Have a good day everyone.

Best regards.

Michael Mar 21 '20

Thanks for the answer. No problem, i know everybody has other problems in reallife at the moment, this is more important.

Activity notification is not a third party plugin, it is from oxwall. It s the normal notification system at every oxwall system.


Sumate Apr 30 '20

Hello check the new version of the plugin.


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