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Help in translations | Forum

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 28 '20

I would like someone to help me review all the texts included in my plugins before uploading them to the store.

My problem is that I don't speak English and when translating the texts with Google it should not be very well translated, because if I translate it back to Spanish I notice that the meaning has completely changed.

I have felt terrible when receiving a message in which one of my plugins was criticized for this reason.

My plugins are all very careful, checked on my website before putting them on sale and I am very annoyed by a critic for such a silly matter after so many hours of dedication.

I leave you a language file of the next update of one of my plugins ... cheer, there are only 300 phrases (my plugins are very powerful!)

(2/4/20) I update the file 

(18/4/20) I updated the file

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  langs.zip (6Kb)
OW-Ghost Mar 28 '20
What plugin did you talk about?


Freelancer.com you can find translator for not more then 5-10 USD if text not big.

Wish i could help you, but my english suxs to and i get complaints about it sometimes in this forum to....

Do not take it so hard, nobody can speak perfect english if they not native born with the language. I see they who even native born with english that spell wrong so no worry about it.

I not spell Sweden language correct 100% and i care 0% about that.

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Norias Mar 31 '20

instead of google translate, try deepl.com.

It often gives better results when i translate from french to english.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 31 '20

I didn't know him.

I'm trying it out, because I don't think anyone helps translate on this forum.

It seems to be going very well!

Thank you!

Norias Mar 31 '20
My pleasure ;)

It is difficult to verify these words in english without knowing where they will appear.It's easier with the context.
Anyway, i am interested in your plugin, i think i will buy it this week... I will translate it in french, and give it to you.And if see if some strange english sentences i will say it ;)

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 31 '20

You'll like the new version, I have it in test on my website now.

Although the look is similar, internally I have rewritten everything and added many new features such as management of IP's V6 (previously only V4), management of "likes" sent and received on the wall, identification of members who use the same password, or same IP, or both... and more utilities.

Although the passwords are stored encrypted, I only had to compare them encrypted to discover users with several profiles.

To enjoy the free trial period when registering on my site or to avoid being blocked by a user, they open a new profile but they are so stupid that they do it from the same IP and even with the same password. There is no use in changing the password or the IP because the plugin memorizes all the passwords and ip's used. Even if they delete the previous profiles.

I attach an image of the new summary page, where there is relevant information is displayed a + that if you click it gives access to very detailed lists.

  sumary.png (58Kb)
Norias Mar 31 '20
Nice to read this :)

I think that i will have some questions, and a lot of suggestions !

For exemple : 

Question: can it be possible to implement more fingerprinting techniques like css history, canvas fingerprint, etc... ? (Some infos on wikipedia, some demos on browserleaks.com). 

I am interested in finding banned people when they try to come back. Having more infos on users is a good help.

Suggestion: use less words in a summary ;) It could be nice to have something more visual. maybe something like this 1mn_exemple_picture_search, but i understand it is a lot of work.

I keep the others questions for the forum of this useful plugin, or maybe i will buy it to have answers with my questions on how the plugin exactly works ;)

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 31 '20

You don't have to buy a plugin to be able to comment, ask questions and suggest, of course not!

But you better write in the plugin forum... or they'll delete this whole topic, and maybe even someone will offer to correct my English.

Norias Mar 31 '20
oups, no, of course... I didn't mean that !

it's just that some questions are really not importants, they will not change my decision to buy the plugin or not.

With the plugin installed i will see the answers buy myself.