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500 Error, "Can't find master page `'.general.'` ! | Forum

Gregor I
Gregor I Nov 15 '12

I have been very happy with oxwall so far.  It is far and away better than any other social network sites I have used.  A few days ago, this message appeared and the site has not worked since.  I had not altered anything in two days before the error, so I do not know what may have caused it.  I would appreciate any help! Thank you

Message: Can't find master page `'.general.'` !

File: /home/bakeek1/public_html/net/ow_core/theme_manager.php

Line: 222

Trace: #0 /home/bakeek1/public_html/net/ow_core/master_page.php(56): OW_ThemeManager->getMasterPageTemplate('general')

#1 /home/bakeek1/public_html/net/ow_core/application.php(193): OW_MasterPage->__construct()

#2 /home/bakeek1/public_html/net/index.php(43): OW_Application->init()

#3 {main}

Type: InvalidArgumentException

site is:    http://www.bakeek.com/net/

Alia Team
Alia Nov 16 '12

1. Can you make sure that DEV_MODE is disabled on your site.
2. Do you have two sites using one database?
Gregor I
Gregor I Nov 16 '12
dev mode was enabled, I just disabled it

i have one site, with 2 seperate databases on it

Gregor I
Gregor I Nov 16 '12
I am just going to have to re-install it, but so this doesn;t happen agains next time, does anyone know what happened?
Alia Team
Alia Nov 19 '12
Our developers are saying that this problem occurs sometimes, but 9 times out of 10 it happens on a local installation. And usually on a Windows installations. So, we are digging into this problem more deeply and will keep you posted.
Anastasiaa G
Anastasiaa G Dec 14 '12
Hi Aliia,

I installed Oxwall on local host and i am using Windows. When I tried to modify theme, I got 500 error. Do you have any solution for it yet?

Alia Team
Alia Dec 17 '12
Anastasiaa to help you I need to know what error is behind 500 error. Check this topic http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/4661 . Let me know what the actual error message is once you find this out.
Purusothaman Ramanujam
To say again, I get "master page" error often even in my localhost.
ovile Nov 9 '21
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Peter Groft
Peter Groft Sep 5 '22

If You're Trying to Load a Page with a 500 Internal Server Error:

Refresh the page.

Come back later.

Delete your browser's cookies.

Paste your URL into the website "Down for Everyone or Just Me."

Deactivate a plugin or theme.

Use a plugin like WP Debugging to identify the issue.