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Extension of the SMS OTP Registration plugin - SMS OTP | Forum

myFlirt.com Team
myFlirt.com Team Apr 21 '20
Dear Pustak Sadan,
we are interested in your SMS OTP Registration plugin.

From what we haver see from the screenshots and description so far we have some custom requirements:

1. We would like to use the following SMS Gateway

2. We would like to be able switch on / off integrate the SMS verification into the registration process.

3. Would like to be able to use the SMS verification independently.
E.g. send the user to a URL (landing page) that starts the registration.
Backround information: 
Actually our goal is to let the users register just with his  e-mail into a role “new user”.
The “new user” however has limited functions. 
As the “new user”  whats to enhance his functions (he is bumping against the limits)
we want him to verify with the mobile number (MSISDN) via SMS.

4. We would like to have an admin interface that allows us to whitelist / blacklist
a) country codes of the MSISDN
b) certain prefixes of the MSISDN
c) certain numbers or number ranges

5. On the page where the verification code needs to be entered we would like
to have a count down (e.g. 30s adjustable in the settings) until the user has to enter the code.
For reference have a look at the registration process at pof.com.

Please get in touch with us.

With best regards
Dieter and the rest of the myFlirt team

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