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Chris_W Jun 17 '20
FB connect is working, I use it on two sites.
David Jun 17 '20
The latest versions, as they were coded, not modified, Chris?  Because... I can't make it work no matter what i do.
Chris_W Jun 17 '20
I posted on here some time ago that it wasn't working, and had no replies. So I just downloaded a fresh copy from the store and deleted my copy, uninstalled it and deleted it, reinstalled it, deleted my Facebook app, created a new one and it worked.
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  fbconnect.zip (227Kb)
dave Leader
dave Jun 17 '20

The file can be opened with libre office or excel.   I know we are not going to make everyone happy, that comes with the territory. However i do hear you David and we will come up with something.   I would prefer if the free plugins were under a developers support even if the support might not be priority support.

Now we have a new challenge that we are facing.  What happens if the develper contacts us and then goes poof.   We gave them 30 days to reply, aron replied and said he would resubmit everything and then no word since then.  So now im thinking of what to do if for example 2 months goes by and no resubmits.  Do we just let those plugin ideas die out.

By the way David i never see it as winning or losing when it comes to discussions, i see it as making sense, staying on topic, offer practicle solutions, present your thoughts without harrassment or drama.  The people that win or lose are the users and develpers of Oxwall.  It never has been about me...

It is not going to be easy to clean up such a mess, but i feel that in the end, and as we all look back, it will be worth the challenges to do this.

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David Jun 17 '20

Well... on a positive note... someone still cares enough to do SOMETHING.  And as I said before... some part of this in my opinion... suck.  BUT... I do see why it's being done and I do see a long-term value in doing it... IF it's done properly. I have no useful comment regarding Aron. That's not to say i wouldn't have ANY comments regarding Aron... but they wouldn't be useful in this context :-)

I'll grab a copy of Libre and have a look. Thanks for replying.  Hope there's no hard feelings. 95% of the time... we don't disagree on anything.  Except I think you should still develop plugins for Oxwall... my 2.5 cents is that you're talented as hell and it is a shame to lose what you have to offer here.

Ken Jun 17 '20
As it goes if 90% of oxwall downloaders have the same plugins then your site won’t be unique anyways but the free should be available and most of the time  developers will even replicate plugins to benefit as their own so I suggest get what you can get because is going to be hard to get the maximum of out of oxwall when stuff like this happened one of my post go delete because I was simply telling the truth if this post make its...
Katrina Weston
Katrina Weston Jun 21 '20
This is great. I have purchased a few plugins that are simply not as advertised or simply don’t work. It does help that the hard earned money has gone into someone’s pocket but at least it stops others being ripped off as well. What I don’t understand is (and in my case it’s e-commerce plug-ins) is why developers don’t just release code that works? The market for a decent e-commerce solution is massive? Anyway thanks for the clear out of rubbish plugins
Katrina Weston
Katrina Weston Jun 21 '20
I noticed in one of the threads that ‘aron’ is going to clean up his act. Perhaps he could do this after refunding the money I have paid him for a plug in that doesn’t work. I tried and tried in vain to contact him to give him a chance but nothing every came back so these are the bandits that need to be cleansed from the system before you worry about the FREE stuff that doesn’t work. FREE stuff that doesn’t work doesn’t cost anything. PAID for plugins that don’t work and that are allowed to advertised on your site should be top priority.
dave Leader
dave Jun 26 '20

Sorry folks  i have to take the list down for now...  Someone is taking the plugins off this list and copying the code and trying to get them approved in the store under their name....

Sorry but we cant have this happening....  The code belongs to the original developer FOREVER!  

So for those of you that have downloaded the free plugins that are suspended now with the intention of just resubmiting them as your own, you might as well just delete them. If i see any code replicas at all they will be denied. 

We have to protect the rights of the developers code.  If someone wants to take an idea and write their own code fine, but if they just copy an old plugin and submit it, it will be denied.. this is to protect developers

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dave Leader
dave Jul 6 '20

The first list of available ideas regarding suspended plugins is out.  It has been more than 30 days and either the developer has not contacted us, or they have contacted us and nothing further was done by them. 

Now here is the firm rule on this.  It cannot be a copy of the original, it must be a rewrite. If it is a copy it will be denied.  A copy means that you just copied the code.  A rewrite means that you took the idea and made your own version from scratch. 

Thats it, pretty simple.  

We had a big issue after posting the list before to the public as we got lots of copies submitted.  So this time if you want the list, send me a PM and ask for it...   that will keep the list from the public eye.

Thanks... Dave

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