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How to get a developer addressed by Oxwall.? | Forum

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Rob Jun 14 '20
Is it possible that the administrators/managers of the Oxwall store can approach a developer to put products we have purchased back in the purchase list.?

Admiraliteit Imedia

dave Leader
dave Jun 14 '20
You will need to contact moderation_team at oxwall dot org
Rob Jun 15 '20
Unfortunately we have sent our problem to the "Community Support", it means that it will not be treated.?
dave Leader
dave Jun 15 '20

That is because it is not really a community support question.  This is something that the team will need to look at on a case by case basis. We cant just put all broken plugins back in store. 

Please let us know what plugins you are interested in and we can have a look to see what if anything can be done.  That is all we can promise at the moment without more information.

Rob Jun 15 '20

It is not a direct problem with certain plugins, although we miss a few of them.

But we have bought about 16 or more themes from a developer who is no longer active within Oxwall, this developer has sold his products to another developer within Oxwall but this developer still does not place them in our list.

We are now starting to get very irritated because this is not how you do business at all, plus this is playing with our money/investment.

Staying really positive about Oxwall is becoming increasingly difficult.!!!!

With regards,


Admiraliteit Imedia

dave Leader
dave Jun 15 '20
So as i understand it, you purchased some themes, that developer went poof, sold them to another developer, and now your key for the theme does not work... Is that correct?
Rob Jun 15 '20

No Dave, the themes are not in our list because they have been removed by the store manager.

No themes and No licenses.!

How can someone simply remove purchases from the customer's list.?

Purchases should simply remain in the purchase list including licenses.

Really not normal.!!!!!

With regards,


Admiraliteit Imedia

dave Leader
dave Jun 15 '20
I was not aware of that, thanks for letting me know...   Can you tell me what themes they are so i can do some research on them and what happened to cause this event?
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 15 '20

Missing purchases? I have many. For example, a theme:

Magic Responsive 49 USD 16/07/2019 Knet Solutions 


Rob Jun 15 '20

Quote from Patricia Zorrilla

Missing purchases? I have many. For example, a theme:

Magic Responsive 49 USD 16/07/2019 Knet Solutions 


We know the problem Patricia, we actually had this theme also in our list, but due to a reorganization within the company, this information had unfortunately disappeared or not yet been found.Thanks for the info, we will pass it on directly to Dave to add it to our list.

The Forum post is edited by Rob Jun 15 '20
dave Leader
dave Jun 15 '20
Ok got it, im working on it... give me 10 days please as i need to catch up with duties here.
kalvindarwan Jun 6 '23
The group will have to consider this issue on a case-by-case basis. We cannot just restock the marketplace with all defective plugins.  - best rv extended warranty plans
Meer Jun 8 '23

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