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Purchasing plugins or thema's.! | Forum

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4 Everyone
4 Everyone Jun 20 '20

Why does the automatic granting of the purchase in the store not work properly.?

This does not work even with the owner Oxwall / Skalfa.!

We purchased a plugin from this developer today but it is not automatically in our purchases, and now we have to ask for it again.

Why is it so difficult to get the store to work properly and get it in order.

It is urgently needed that people start working on it extremely hard because customers are going to run away.!

At least we are now getting tired of it.!!!!!

Sumate Jun 20 '20
This problem has been happening for a while, coincidentally today I have a complaint from a user who bought a plugin of mine and the license is not assigned, this user has complained everywhere and this causes the developer to gain bad prestige unnecessarily. Dave is pending of this problem?


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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 20 '20

It is also funny that before writing to the PayPal email you have paid, put a complaint in PayPal.

I hope you remove it.

dave Leader
dave Jun 20 '20

I have already sent a message asking to resolve the issue earlier today, rob you forgot to mention that part lol....

Its the weekend, not much happens then, give it till first of week please.

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4 Everyone
4 Everyone Jun 21 '20

Dave, I know very well that it is the weekend and that some people don't work on the weekend.

The strange thing is that previously the granting of a plug-in from Skalfa was automatic.!

Even stranger is that if we purchase a plugin from Artmedia, which happened on the same day as the purchase from Skalfa, it is automatically granted.!

Where is the difference then.?

But I hope Dave, that you can understand that we are very dissatisfied with how things are going in the store.

With regards,


Admiraliteit Imedia

dave Leader
dave Jun 21 '20
The difference could be many things, something in paypal that fails, something on the oxwall side that fails for only one account.   I have faith it will be resolved.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 21 '20

It has never worked for me, all licenses have had to be assigned manually.

By sharing the PayPal account with Sumate, it also happens to him, and from accessing with his nickname to release the licenses of his sales.

The collection of fees from my website through the plugin


and the plugin


It has never worked for me either.

This is much more annoying because I have many transactions every day.

Both plugins are from Skalfa LLC, I totally discourage them because they don't have any technical support.

These should be suspended immediately.

Ken Jun 21 '20
Now is the test to see if all rules apply to all developers... are there any outlaws maybe just really a communist source or not?? Seeing beyond... hope this post makes it
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dave Leader
dave Jun 21 '20
I have already inquired about skalfa, i am waiting for word back.
David Jun 24 '20
The problem is in the ENTIRE store.  I've talked about it many times to people and referred to it in the forums on several occasions. Hasn't worked in a long time. I have to go around and track down developers to issue me a license weeks after I buy something.
dave Leader
dave Jun 24 '20
I have been advised that its not a store issue, its a paypal issue, but it has not been isolated and duplicated yet.
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David Jun 24 '20
Great. How hard is it to work with PayPal to resolve these things?
4 Everyone
4 Everyone Jun 24 '20
Sorry Dave, we have been working with PayPal for quite a few years and we also have a business account there, but we never experience any problems with PayPal.
dave Leader
dave Jun 24 '20

I have never experienced issues with paypal either. However paypal does do some strange things some times with their API and  IPN process so it is entirely possible.  In my experience in the old days i have seen very unique issues with one customer and no issues with another depending on local environments.  That does not say that im sure 100% that it is paypal, but it is certainly possible seeing what i have seen in the past.

I have also never had the license issue like others have had, every time i have ever purchased a plugin it has been in my account immediately.

The IPN which is the Instant Payment Notification method that paypal uses along with the website to process a sale (if they use that process) basically sends the sale record to the website after the sale is completed and verified.  It happens only once, it can never be repeated, so the website gets one chance to get the information and that is all.. It is the same for all websites that use IPN, oxwall is no different.  That is how IPN works.

The challenge is that only certain people have access to the code and it is up to them to find the issue and fix it regardless if it is a paypal based issue or other issue.  I feel we have to focus on the things we have control over and not the things we dont..  I can tell you that requests have been made on this issue. 

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David Jun 26 '20
It does no good to clean up a store that doesn't work for us, Dave.  Said with respect. I'm just sayin'. 
dave Leader
dave Jun 26 '20
I would not say it does no good, i would say that its another challenge to find an issue that seems to exist.  But the store needs to be cleaned up regardless of anything else.
John Hilla
John Hilla Jul 27 '20
I made a recent purchase of Cupid - Responsive, by the look of the screenshots it would be a great match for my needs. Unfortunately the item did not appear in my purchase folder but I did get the invite to download.

I did send developer asking for a .zip direct along with messaging directly. I will give it one more day then begin PayPal reversal.

After further review I found I pulled an Id10T, in the Store for purchases when i clicked Themes i found my purchases with download links and license codes. I'm guessing they were there there whole time i just didn't put two and two together.

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dave Leader
dave Jul 27 '20

John, its really not a good idea to show your personal info on the web.  I would fix those images and remove your personal info.  

Also John if you got a download link, i am curious why you dont use the link to get the product?  That is the bottom line right, to get the product?