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Mac Fionn
Mac Fionn Jun 29 '20
Im new here. Hello. :)

Just a thought for others... It seems there's a little contention for the removal of some free plugins that have been abandoned, or at least appear to be so.

But im betting if people were to start leaving reviews when they update their site/plugins, it would help others to see that the plugins are, indeed, still working and relevant.

An example if I may... "SET SIGN-IN PAGE AS LANDING PAGE" has not had an 'approved' review in over 4 years!(!??) Im using Skadate (11120). Platform version: 1.8.7 (11120) and the plug is still working great.  I've left a note on the product page saying so, but its amazing how few reviews these products have.  I think that should really change. Not only would it be a courtesy to the developer who gave us these items at no cost, but enough good, solid reviews will also help KEEP them (and paid products, equally) updated.
One day you may come back and wonder where your favorite free plugin went.  Start leaving courtesy reviews (and your platform version), and it may help you find that plugin, still here and newly updated.

dave Leader
dave Jun 29 '20
+1 Mac  thank you !  And welcome to Oxwall :)
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 29 '20
+1 and thanks for your comments to my plugins!
Mac Fionn
Mac Fionn Jun 29 '20

Quote from dave +1 Mac  thank you !  And welcome to Oxwall :)
Thank you as well, Dave. :)
Mac Fionn
Mac Fionn Jun 29 '20

Quote from Patricia Zorrilla +1 and thanks for your comments to my plugins!
Its a great plugin! Im happy to!  I haven't, and can't for awhile, fully tested your User Jail, but once I have tested it fully, I will happily review it as well. Until I CAN fully test it, at least know that it installed fine on 1.8.7, seems to co-exist with skadate nicely, and does show up at the relevant places. :)