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forum description form size & top link icon | Forum

Jamie Jul 11 '20


Q1. How can I change forum description form.

Q2. remove facebook and google icons (top link)

Q3. facebook and google login icon space (login page)

plz. check attached images.

Could you help me.

Thank you.

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  frum.jpg (110Kb)
  toplink.jpg (32Kb)
  space.jpg (39Kb)
Marcus Jul 11 '20
hi overthere ur asking really no offence i was in ur shoes once too easy questions. pls watch YouTube vidros on how to use Firefox or similar browser developer tools code inspect tool. 
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Jamie Jul 11 '20
Hi there. I know some css code.
But I don't know which file is it.
I tried to fix that myself.

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dave Leader
dave Jul 11 '20

Jaimie i think you may have misunderstood marcus.  He was not being rude, he was trying to explain that there is alot of information out there on youtube for you to learn.  And learning how to use the browser console will help you find those files your looking for.  Base css files are in the theme folder of your theme. 

Themes work like this,  everything uses the base simplicity theme css code.  Any other theme that is created sets those css values  to a custom value in that custom theme file. 

So for example in simplicity theme you have

.whatever {

   color: #ffffff;


if you wanted to make a custom theme you would just create a base css file in your custom them and change that to what you wanted.

.whatever {

  color: #000000;


Now if you are not making a custom theme and you just want to change the color without changing the hard file you would go to admin-themes-customize-css and scroll down till you see a huge blank area, that is your custom css area (its not the css code above that)

then inside that blank box you would put

.whatever {

   color: #000000;


save it and done..

Here are two links you should look at...

This one here is how to create a custom theme, if you dont want to do that then  just skip down in that page and it will show you how to add items to your custom css


and this is on the consule..


hope that helps

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