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Adding a Page | Forum

Chris_W Aug 14
An html editor may be fine making 'some changes' with pages you create, but all the standard pages are created on the fly from the database, using a basic html document as a template, so the amount of change you could make to that file would be limited before you broke the site.
dave Team
dave Aug 14
I know nothing of xara however if its a sitebuilder software then they have their own issues. 
We The People United We Stand

Hey Dave,

I got it to have two side by side, but the bottom part where you can select the terms of use is not scrolling to the bottom.  Any suggestion as to why this is happening?

dave Team
dave Aug 15

your going to have to push the footer down with some manual css.  Check out the footer class in console and then play with it until it moves down. 

then when you have it moved, set that css for just this one page, you dont want to mess up the other pages.

The Forum post is edited by dave Aug 15
dave Team
dave Aug 15

I just tried something and it worked...


.ow_footer {

    margin-top: 200px;


works for me...

We The People United We Stand

Nice I had to use 350, but it works like a charm

I didnt want to do that unless i got verification.

It seems as if Oxwalls ecosystem can be sensitive to changes.

Anyway, thanks and as always you the best.

Where should I post a question in regards to creating an html website, but they need to log into oxwall to access it.

dave Team
dave Aug 15
Probably in the custom coding section
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