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Skadate Android, iOS and Progressive Web App (PWA) - Meet Users Tinder Style | Forum

Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Aug 12 '20
This plugin is now compatible with Skadate for Android, iOS and Progressive Web App.

This feature only applies to new swipes, old swipes (left and right) will not be affected.

When a user swipe right using this plugin, it is like they did swipe right in the app. The same goes for the swipe left.

If a user swipe right using the app, this plugin triggers a swipe right too and behaves like if they did swipe right in the plugin.

How to test this with the app and web version?

The app does not display extra features, to test this compatibility, open the app in your device and swipe right or click on the hearth button.

Now go to the web version, login using the other user and open the "meet" page. Now swipe right.

Both are now friends and a new message was sent to the first user saying that this user did accept their meet request.

With this if a user did swipe right to another user whose is in desktop version, both can swipe right to each other and start a conversation.

If you have any question please open a new topic and I will be happy to answer as soon as possible.

Senior Developer.

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