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Tags Empty, All ads highlighted, Ads can’t be edited. Please fix ASAP - Member ads | Forum

Glor Aug 23 '20
From the Ads settings and user roles, I gave access to only paid users the option for their ads to be highlighted, but unfortunately all ads on my website are highlighted and that forfeit the very essence of the highlight option and benefits for paid users. 

Secondly, users added tags to their ads but on the adverts pages, tags come in empty saying no labels available. 

Thirdly, users can’t edit their ads. Return error ; Typeerror - null is not an object (evaluating ‘element .input.focus). 

Anyone else using this plugin and able to pass through these 3 errors?

Patricia, how do I fix these errors? Are they bugs? Kindly fix.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Aug 23 '20

As you can see on my test website:


the tags work perfectly.

No registration required to view the ads.

You can check the functionalities of creating, editing, deleting and seeing how the ads are displayed by logging in as a paid user with these credentials:

usr: TestUserPremium

pwd: TestUser

and as a free user with these others:

usr: TestUser

pwd: TestUser

You can also change the graphic theme at the top of the page to see how they are displayed with different themes

As I have commented by private message, there is a variable that indicates whether an ad should be highlighted or not, and it is very easy to edit HTML and CSS to adapt the presentation to your tastes and needs.

The difference in the presentation of ads of one type and another that the plugin provides is basic, it is limited to showing the ads a little larger the featured ads in the Desktop version, but altering things such as the background color, the frame, type and font size and the data shown is very simple.

Also, I have offered to do it for free for you, but if

1) I don't know what the URL of your website is

2) I don't have access

You will understand that I can do nothing more than offer you to reproduce these problems on my test site.

Glor Aug 23 '20
I had to post this here because you don’t seem to be answering my question. Ok. Tags works perfectly on the test site but upon installing your plugin and testing, it doesn’t work on my website. I sent you the url, guest have access to my website, you can see for yourself that it doesn’t work there. Are tags dependent on themes? Aren’t tags supposed to work out of the box? I added tags, they showed they are added upon creating adverts. On the adverts page, it is blank. How am I supposed to replicate tags showing on your site and not showing on my site? 

Yes, there is a variable that indicate wheather an ad should be shown or not. That’s what I’m saying. I saw that in the user roles. I indicated highlighted ads for paid users, but all users ads are highlighted. The worst part of it is ALL ADS ARE HIGHLIGHTED. That makes the ads page ugly will all shining colors. You’ve still not answered this particular question. Am I missing something? How do I go about this?

My question is not changing the colors of the ads. 

Am I supposed to pay for fixing basic features of a plugin I haven’t even used atall? You requested to url, username and password, I sent all of those. 

Glor Aug 23 '20
This is your response Patricia: 

I can't reproduce the error when editing an ad.

There are only 4 ads from user Told, so they are all shown in the same format,

Please create an ad with a user with a different role to see the differences !!!!

4 different testers replicated the editing error, I don’t understand how you aren’t able to replicate the editing error. 

I guess you are not able to reproduce the tag errors, you didn’t say anything about that too. 

The Forum post is edited by Glor Aug 23 '20
Glor Aug 23 '20

I was able to see that the background of the basic ads that I was referring to as the highlighted ads is for the basic while the highlighted have a red pad on the frame. I will work with the Plugin developer to get a css code to change the free users background to neutral and without frames, and previous free design will replace the paid version. 

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Aug 24 '20

I remind you that yesterday was Sunday and Sundays are not working days throughout Europe.

I have sent you by private message the new CSS file that I have developed for you free of charge and the instructions to replace it with the one attached to the plugin.

In the attached file you can see the presentation with the theme you use on your website.

The install, deactivate, activate, uninstall and tag functions work correctly in PHP 5.6, I have asked if you are using another version and have not gotten an answer yet.

I cannot verify this myself because you have only given me access to your website as a basic member.

I have solved all your queries and requests in record time, I remind you that it is a 30 USD plugin and nowhere in the store rules does it indicate that technical support must be provided within 12h.

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