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my site got hacked couple of weeks ago | Forum

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Nov 27 '20
there were no back ups (another story) we recovered the database.

I have members who wANT OR demanding they be removed. am trying to 

when I go to delete. I get this error message

- - - copy and paste - - 

Type:ExceptionMessage:SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'adventis_ska.ow_skadateskadate_avatar' doesn't existFile:/var/www/adventis/public_html/ow_core/database.phpLine:723

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Nov 27 '20
I would normally asked skadate. but they do not off er support after Friday morning EST until Monday '

It is Friday afternoon here 

please can. someone help me out?

dave Leader
dave Nov 27 '20

Hi, sorry you are having issues.  The main problem is that we dont have a copy of skadate to look at.  This is why we cant offer any skadate support, we would be flying blind.  It looks like your missing a database table, could it be a table from one of the plugins? 

That could be the users avatar table.

Also do you know how the hackers go in, if you dont know then they could just do it again.

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Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Nov 28 '20
thanks I have moved the service over to the one skate offers, it is inexpensive but suspect it is a lot slower.

The got into all my cPanels for various sites.  all for the same host, they had different passwords.  I suspect they got into the root. the strange ip's were form Morocco and Chins.

dave Leader
dave Nov 28 '20
Be sure you use 12+ character passwords on everything.   It would not have helped if they got into the root but maybe this time your host can keep them out.
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Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Nov 28 '20
Thanks @dave
Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Dec 11 '20
This happened almost 3 weeks ago since the website was hacked and destroyed.  Data vase was recovered.

. The folks who did my apps are not able to fix them, as I am in the 'Queue'

Is there someone who can fix that , for a fee?

dave Leader
dave Dec 12 '20

Maybe it might help if you explained alittle about the apps you had to see if someone has that talent.  

I am sorry you are having to go through this, the people that do such things should suffer greatly by his hand...

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Dec 14 '20
Thye were the personalized skadate apps, iOS and Android.