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Can someone explain,,, and TYPE SLOW. am old | Forum

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Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Nov 27 '20
my website was destroyed. but recovered most of the database.

Most of my plug ins that I needed to make the site function, are removed from the store

there are a lot of comments about this but can someone please explain if they are ever coming back?

Just a couple of sentences please, I really needed these, example resend verification, modify member password, log in as members, member IP number. etc etc. these all should have been included in the software package in my opinion.

dave Leader
dave Nov 27 '20

The bad news is no, the developers that have left and had their plugins suspended wont be coming back, it would surprise me if they did.  They have already moved on to other projects.

However, you can check with patricia, her site owspain.com might have some of the older plugins for free.  Its worth a try, send her a message and ask.. 

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Nov 28 '20
OK. thanks friend. I have registered there, Am willing to pay for them.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Nov 28 '20

Currently there are very few plugins because only a few days ago I finished the plugin of the store that stores them.

Yes, I have most of the plugins that have been removed from OxWall and I will upload them little by little. It is entertaining enough to install, comment, describe, take screenshots, etc.

There is a mark where it says "Checked" and not "Checked". Very old plugins, which require payment resources on other websites, etc., I will not try them.

All these plugins now disappeared will be free for anyone to download ... At your own risk.

As the author has left the platform, I understand that they are free of copyright.

If there is a particular plugin that someone is interested in, I can upload it immediately.

For the authors who have products here, I hope they at least advertise their products there even if they don't upload them and therefore they can only be purchased here.

Maybe in time they will trust and really raise them, and maybe we managed to gather there some interested in improving the OxWall core.

https://owspain.com is totally free and is running under PHP 7.21

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Nov 30 '20
a couple that I really found great was the flag of he country there person registered at,

It has been put on the suspended list, yet I can down load the file. but when I try to activate it on mysite it does now work,

Is there an alternative to this ?

also. the resend verification was a great app as well..

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Nov 30 '20

I've already uploaded a few more. Visit the store!


Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Dec 2 '20
gor this error from the flags

Error: El fichero no existe!

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Dec 2 '20
Repaired, now you can download it!
Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Dec 4 '20
IT SEEMS like I can only have 4 items from he store.  I have purchased others but they do not show up.

Thanks for all you have done.

there was one plug in I had called resend verification.  If you can acquire that I would really appreciate it.


Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Dec 4 '20

No, you can buy as many as you want. There is no limit.

For the free ones, the process is the same but they appear as already paid without going through PayPal.

If they are free, to prevent them from being bought all at once, I have established that you must issue an review of the previous one.

I think that the "reviews" of a plugin issued by users are a great value to the information before buying, downloading, installing and risking wasting time.

Currently there are 71 but there will be many more, every day I upload 2 or 3. I have been uploading the most striking of Purus, but since nobody comments on anything I am going to upload all of Aron with the due warnings ... We all know that they are very dangerous plugins for the stability of OxWall because they are a real botch, but we must admit that they are great, beautiful and have no equivalent. Perhaps having the source code, a developer will be encouraged to remake them.

For the payment plugins I have made it optional to publish a review or not.

I think the plugin you are looking for is "Resend Verification Email" from the author "Johnathon Weaver", which was at https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1217

and that it was eliminated by its author. It cost 15 USD and the author described it as "Allows site administrators to re-send verification emails"

In maximum 24 hours you will have it in the store for free, I will remake it and it will not require licenses because it will be free. Now it is very late in my country.

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Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Dec 5 '20
I get a 500 error on that one when I try to purchase it.

In my purchases, it only lets me see 4 items,  there is not scroll bar to see more.

I use safari.

I tried to use Firefox, but could not find where to log in.



Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Dec 5 '20

Everything is fixed, the store plugin is very new and very complex.

It is already very perfected, in a few days I will put it on sale too.

Thanks Stan, I'm using you from Beta Tester, hahahaha!

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Dec 5 '20
Am thrilled to be!
Emma Brown
Emma Brown Jul 17 '23
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