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how to delete all the PM's to me | Forum

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Jan 9
there are 100's. must be a way to zap them. right?  Please.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader

You only have one way to do it. You suspend the user, delete the messages with the Mail Clean Pro plugin



and then reactivate the user.

The plugin will do it correctly by removing the attached files if there are any.

You cannot do it directly from the database because there are multiple tables involved.

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Jan 15
it is the emails coming to me from 1000's of users.. do I suspend my self? (from anther admin account)?
Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Jan 15
I did a mass PM to all of our members.  I regret doing that,
Patricia Zorrilla Leader

Yes. Create another administrator account, remove your current profile from administration, suspend it, delete the messages and undo the changes by reapproving it and returning the permissions.

I don't recommend fiddling with the message tables of the MailBox plugin, they are quite complicated and you can destroy all the private messages from everyone.

Then you can leave the plugin working for what it was designed for: to eliminate old messages, (for example older than a year or two), and those of users that no longer exist ... You will save space and gain speed. It will also be responsible for eliminating the associated "attachments".