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AppXprt Jan 25
Anyone wanting to release a new Social Media Platform / Framework / CMS, the best time is now while Facebook and Google are being taken to court over Anti-Trust violations.

Facebook even offered to "create a rival" and "share the code" to prevent prosecution...

You know what that means? They're seriously guilty of a lot of anti-trust violations.

That was them basically admitting it and trying to find a way out.

Investigation has revealed a ruthless buy or bury campaign of ALL competition, not just some.

Some of you are aware that I started a social media platform linked with a dating platform with both being integrated with the same internal Crypto-Currency, all based on Oxwall in early to mid 2017. I nearly got finished and then swiftly lost motivation as Facebook announced their intention to integrate dating and an in-house crypto-currency into their platform near the end of 2017 and effectively buried my idea.

They are / were not just targeting specific social media platforms, but ALL internet competitors, while ACTIVELY searching for and stealing ideas from them.

Instagram and WhatsApp are prime examples of the buy-outs, but Facebook has a long track record of theft and stealing of ideas, copying features and using their massive resources to generally sink all online competition. Snap Chat is a prime example of them copying / stealing ideas, features, functions and attempting to bury them.

Do NOT talk about ANY of your ideas publicly in this forum as I believe this is where they found the details, initially through my Facebook Company Page, Website link and Oxwall on site led here.

We would absolute be insane to think there AREN'T or HAVEN'T EVER been Facebook employees crawling this site and looking for idea's to turn into to the next successful venture for Zuckerberg, because he personally directed his employees to do so and has a horrible track record of stealing ideas. Keep it to yourself and in development until you are ready to release your project to the world, otherwise you will always be left solely disappointed in this world.

With all of the being said, Hurry Up, because the world needs diversity and there has never been a better time than now.

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Ken Jan 25
I absolutely 1k agree!!!
AppXprt Jan 30

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