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How to earn Bells In Animal Crossing: New Horizons? | Forum

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Sellen Aug 23

Insects, fish, shells are all for sale. It is suggested that you collect all the worm fish you have acquired in the first three days and donate them to NPC. In addition, Buy Animal Crossing Bells is daily fun for new players. Then you will be qualified to open the museum. Then you can donate 15 worm fish or fossils to the curator and the museum will be built.

After the museum opens, players will get the new species for donation first, and the species that have been donated can be sold. Like more expensive insects orchid mantis (2400 bells), blue morpho butterfly (4000 bells), a tarantula (8000 bells), blue morpho butterfly, and tarantula in the evening is very easy to encounter, catch a few sold back money is enough to repay, but catch tarantula is risky, we should be careful.

The more expensive common fish is koi, koi is very good, you can dig clams on the beach, use the clams to make fish food, throw the fish food into the pond, the chances of catching koi are very high. Besides, the price of much Marine fish is also very high, which can sell for more than 10,000 bells, so fishing is a viable way to get rich. If you don't have more time to do this, you can choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACItems website, 100% safe and delivered fast.