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Mahjong - One of the Most Popular Games in the World | Forum

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MirabelJocasta Nov 6 '21

Mahjong or mahjongg is a multi-player tile-based game which was developed in China in the late 19th century and has now spread all over the world. https://mahjong-gratuit.net/ is also known as Chiao which means "four fishes". It is usually played with four players at a time. This makes it the most popular game in Asia and it is also known as the most popular leisure activity in China. In this game, a player has to eliminate all the tiles by matching up pairs of them in a row.

The object of the game is to form pairs by choosing three adjacent tiles with the same color from the center. Once a pair is made, the person who has made it gets to take away one of his opponents tiles leaving the room open for the remaining players to take theirs. After every game session, players remove the tile that they have just placed by discarding it from the board. This is called a mahjong wall which keeps the game track on the number of discarded tiles. The players are also allowed to place one tile next to the mahjong wall in an attempt to create the best mahjong combinations.

When a player completes the mahjong sequence he gets to move to the next phase and the players are allowed to switch from the mahjong wall to normal play. This makes it a wonderful game to play with friends and even opponents as the mahjong strategies can be used against each other. A player gets to earn points when he successfully completes the mahjong sequence and with a good score a player earns double the amount of points. The game comes with an option of playing a game against a computer that eliminates any risk of losing a valuable mahjong set. This is possible because the computer uses an advanced computer system that enables it to calculate the odds of a player getting all the mahjong pieces required to complete the set.

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Jennifer Ortega
Jennifer Ortega Nov 9 '21

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. Thanks for sharing. It is such a very amazing post.

Roselyn Gonzales
In my opinion, there is a serious lack of tile based games in the world, we definitely need more of the same. If only these tile based games could also unlock csgo skins - that would be the dream, won't it? I just hope that I'll come across more tile based games soon.