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HELP ALL My blog was gone to e500.php page. | Forum

Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Nov 8 '21
I use the BLOGGER plugin and all the blogs were gone to an e500.php page.

All the blogs could seen in an edit mode. But the their links sends me to an e500.php page.

I stop using other blog plugins because they don`t accept long texts. So, the only with certian limits was the blogger plugin, and now this.

Somebody can help me, please?

Chris_W Nov 8 '21
What is in the error logs in the site root folder, and in  /ow_log
Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Nov 8 '21
Thanks Chris. These are the two files in the OW_LOG folder.

I will aprecciate your help.

I have two oxwall instalations. Both have the same problem,

but, on of them was working without any issue,

and I have many months without touching it.

So, I think the problem could be beyond any change in my site.

(I guess).

  ow-log.txt (3235Kb)
Chris_W Nov 9 '21
OK, try this. Go to ow_smarty/template_c/ it will be full of files, select them all and delete them. Don't worry they will get recreated. Then delete the contents of the error log and save then try to access your site again. If you get the same error, post the new copy of the error log.