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It is one of the top adored and popular RuneScape skills | Forum

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nfkjasfas Jan 27

Second time having to type this post, because my computer mouse forced me to delete my post RS Gold 2007. That's what I wrote"Stronghold" of Security/Stronghold Player Security. In Barbarian village and a bit south of Edgeville in Edgeville. Both give 10K and an EXP light or two.

After that, primary PK'ing and earning money. The first thing to note is that the account you're looking at being created right now is known as a "MAIN" (although it's not usually in caps :o ) and this means you'll need to train all the skills, and just try to maximize your skills. Being a primary player is not difficult, and doesn't need specific skills unless you have a PVM ACCOUNT. (PvM, by the way means Player versus monster that is, an account designed for killing monsters.) Anyway, what I am referring to is that PvP in mains is pretty easy to do.

Just make sure your strength is always higher then your defense/attack by around 5-10 levels, have Terror and vengeance. I'm sure that you'll hear a lot of members' terms, but really I'd advise to ignore my suggestions until you're around 120 CB. You'll then know the meaning of 'Vengeance', and 'Turbulence' are. (You PvP lurkers - feel at ease to slam me because I'm sure I'll be there. I prepared myself by bringing a bucket full of water.)

Another option is monkey making truthfully the way that the majority of Sal's players earned their money is old-fashioned or require the highest level of performance. Some things I'm pretty certain are reasonable - for starters the pottery you make will earn you around 50K per hour OSRS Gold For Sale, which would be perfect for your current level (fun point - I never be able to earn more than $100K until I was level 63). If you think you're not a good potter, consider broke ol' me, some years back).