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Facing Transmission Troubles? Here's What to Do Next | Forum

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Robert Dcosta
Robert Dcosta Mar 19 '22

How does a car receive a substantial force to drive its four wheels? Of course, the engine generates the necessary mechanical energy. However, the transmission empowers your vehicle to manage the force an engine generates while driving at varying speeds.

Generally, cars have two types of transmission - manual and automatic. A transmission system consists of several components to transfer power from the engine to wheels. In the case of a manual transmission, a transmission's significant parts are the clutch pedal and a shifter.

However, some other components work behind the scene. A transmission system is quite sensitive, and even a simple issue may wreak havoc. Your car can not tolerate even minor wear to the transmission system.

Nevertheless, it's vital to know how to diagnose any kind of car transmission failure. We bring you a list of significant transmission issues to enable you to take proactive steps and stay away from trouble.

A lack of response from the engine

A well-maintained car's engine usually responds to the transmission with a high level of precision. A faulty transmission may hamper the process as you sense a sluggish response while driving your car.

In case you deal with a delay in the response while shifting gears, there could be a sudden rise in RPM. It hints at a cause of concern in the transmission system.

Having trouble shifting gears or staying in one gear

Your transmission should be smooth enough to facilitate the gear shifting, and rigid enough to hold the shifter in a particular gear. If you find yourself with an unresponsive gear shifting (often with a grinding sound), it could result in shifted gear slips during the drive.

This also hints at something seriously wrong with your car's transmission, such as low transmission fluid or a worn clutch plate. A damaged valve body, especially in an automatic transmission, might be the reason.

However, you should seek assistance for a transmission inspection by the experts at Service My Car for comprehensive car maintenance.

Hearing abnormal sounds

Worn components cause a lot of trouble. If you hear anything like buzzing, humming or whining sounds while operating your transmission, take quick action without any delay.

A grinding noise hints at a serious issue with your gear system. These tell-tale signs warn you to prevent unpleasant consequences.

At Service My Car, we enable you a safe commute by offering cost-effective car transmission repair.

Unusual clutch dragging

This typically happens when your car's clutch finds it hard to disengage from the engine, especially in manual transmission, even after a gear shift.

Such an event often produces a severe grinding sound to highlight that something is not good with your transmission.

Just visit Service My Car if you experience such an issue frequently to escape expensive car repairs.

Noisy vibration while idling

Generally, most hints are gauged during the drive. In this case, your car generates a noisy vibration while it is idling with its engine on.

It indicates potential issues with the engine. However, the loose bearing or the gear teeth in a car's transmission might be the issue behind such sounds.

Besides, your car can be low on transmission fluid due to any reason such as a clogged transmission oil filter. If you don't know which way to turn, head to Service My Car. We are the one-stop solution for your car health, including transmission oil filter services.

Engine light alert

Our cars are equipped with a warning system that often flashes as a light at the dashboard in case of any trouble. A blinking light indicates an alert as the sensors detect even a slight issue.

Often many people ignore such issues until they encounter damage. Modern vehicles are equipped with intelligent systems that quickly inform you about trouble.

However, it is essential to keep an attentive approach to keep your car's transmission in the best condition with Service My Car.

Burnt transmission fluid

Having an eye over the car's transmission fuel is the key to maintaining it for a long time. You can check out the level as well as the condition of the transmission fuel with the help of a dipstick.

If you find a low level of transmission fluid or a burnt condition, your transmission could have an issue. However, it is feasible to locate a proficient service such as Service My Car as we deal with your car service, including gearbox overhaul.

Abnormal smells and driving experiences

A burning smell from your cars' transmission system often highlights something serious, whether a burnt fluid or worn components. While a strange experience such as strong vibration or jerk, sluggish acceleration hints at something unusual that may need urgent attention.

In this case, your car is signalling something unusual. Nonetheless, it will be wise to bring your vehicle to Service My Car to keep unnecessary hustle at bay.

Unnecessary fluid leakage

There is a range of fluids that helps your car drive smoothly. In the case of transmission fluid, you may notice leakage of slight red lubrication.

However, a fluid leakage will not go unnoticed. You can gauge your fluid level by a dipstick that is usually attached to the transmission area.

Even though cars rely on every component to provide a smooth ride, the transmission has a lot to do while you actual drive. It allows you to keep a check on the engine to regulate your car.

However, most transmission issues are experienced when you hit the road. You just need to have sharp attention whether you are shifting gear or idling.

Service My Car would like to help you to keep your car's transmission intact. Whether you just need a fluid change during a car service or an entire car transmission programming, we do it all.


If you own a car and you need top quality car service in UK then Service My Car will help you to provide best service with free pickup and delivery on a recovery truck.

Get a FREE and INSTANT quote for your car transmission repair on our website or on the Service My Car app.

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Roselyn Gonzales
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Amy Vest
Amy Vest Nov 7 '22
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