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Martina Perez
Martina Perez Jun 20 '22
Hey guys, I love writing and blogging and was thinking about going on a boat trip with friends and family to Turkey in 2022.

do you guys have any experience with yachts?
do you have any experience blogging in terms of peace in the water?
what wonderful islands have you visited?

I am very glad that I even contacted a couple of boat platforms to possibly book a table in advance.
Norman Fallan
Norman Fallan Jun 20 '22
I do not have any experience with yachts, but I have some experience with Greece. I worked there for three months as a waiter in one of the local hotels.  There are plenty of hotels along the beach, and thousands of people are inside those hotels. The point is that you need to be attentive all the time because the customers can ask you to do something, and you (in most cases) will have to do that. You will have to clean a lot after the people who live there.  That’s why, since that summer, I have preferred to travel to northern Europe to countries like Germany. My last trip was to this place: https://www.montaregio.de/de/freizeit/freizeit-allgaeu/burgen-schloesser-allgaeu/schloss-neuschwanstein-im-ostallgaeu.html. The castle is just amazing, and I can recommend it to anyone.
Nathan Parsons
Nathan Parsons Jun 20 '22
Going on a boat trip with friends and family to Turkey? five nights at freddy's That's sound amazing!! 
Patrick Nov 14 '22
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beyondherd Jul 27 '23
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Rowan Campbell
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