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oxwall video linking not working in facebook | Forum

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Lovely Dec 14 '12
I am trying hard to post my oxwall powered website video link to facebook...but I never get the thumbnails of exact video. I used to get message to choose the thumbnail...but i never get thumbnail of exact video i am going to share...Same thing happens when i try to share videos using ADDThis Plugin...Is this Bug in OXwall powered sites....Please Do reply ..The Enclosed file is showing example when I am trying to share video at


During sharing of thumbnail option..so many thumbnails are coming except actual thumbnail of video...

  lovelypunjab.jpg (231.94Kb)
Lovely Dec 16 '12
I am expecting reply from OXwall community as hope everybody would face same problem..and we need to find the solution...
Alia Team
Alia Dec 17 '12
Lovely,  I was not able to reproduce the issue. I clicked on "Share" link at the top of the video screen at http://lovelypunjab.com/video/view/47  and I was able to see the appropriate thumbnail. Please find screen shot attached. I have tested in Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95 and Firefox 15.0.1.
Lovely Dec 17 '12

Hello Aliia,


The way you have shared that video that actually you are sharing directly from Youtube video and that's why in your attachment youtube is coming as direct linking and not through my site..If you take my question in another way just copy paste this link to any facebook update status line...http://lovelypunjab.com/video/view/47


The facebook will start giving thumbnail options as stated in my previous picture attachment. You will get options of all pictures displayed on my "Main" page...

I have to choose one...( see example 12 of 19..choose a thumbnail..)


But Exact video thumbnail will not come...but if I will choose any thumbnail...and then share it on my facebook...then first my webpage will open then this video and that is what I want ...


Hope you understand now..and looking forward for solution to this problem..





Joseph Dec 17 '12
wow no offense oxwall team is this the best you have no wonder stuff doesn't get fixed you guys don't even listen to us he wants to share the link so people visit his site and not youtube but when he shares it it doesn't pull up the right thumbnail from his link! and you guys wonder why you cannot reproduce issues we post because you are not thinking like a site owner you are thinking like well i shouldn't use harsh words so i will just stop there
The Forum post is edited by Joseph Dec 17 '12
Lovely Dec 19 '12
Hi Oxwall Team / Members,

Please reply to this question. I hope if this is solved ..everybody get benefit.

Anybody who want to share the video link of his Oxwall website in his facebook page will face this issue..