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Finalizing Install error | Forum

Melvs Camasis
Melvs Camasis Aug 18 '10
Guys, please help me with this...

I installed the beta 2 of Oxwall but i can't get pass through the 3rd stage or tab where it says

SQL import failed

Please paste this code into ow_includes/config.php file.
Make sure you do not have any whitespace before and after the code.

i copied what it wants me to paste in the ow_includes/config.php but still can't install properly the same message keeps on showing.

What will I do?
  oxwall error.JPG (118.65Kb)
Den Team
Den Aug 19 '10
Would you try this:
1) Be sure that the database, which you pointed on step 2 is clean and don't contain any other tables.
2) On the pasting code to On ow_includes/config.php file, find this line:
define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);
and replace it with
define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);
3) Click continue

If any errors will appear, please, list it here.
Thank you :)
Melvs Camasis
Melvs Camasis Aug 22 '10
Addenster, it's still the same it doesn\t want to proceed to the next step, already replace - define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);
with - define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);
but it still shows that it needs to be this one - define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);
  error.JPG (95.11Kb)
Den Team
Den Aug 22 '10
@Melvs Camasis
Every time you try to click "Continue", make sure that your Mysql Database, pointed on page before, is empty. As usual, "SQL import failed" means, that sql dump was already imported on current db.
Dean Aug 23 '10
Hi I get a blank page.. when the plugin are install...
  install.txt (0.73Kb)
Den Team
Den Aug 23 '10
This error means that Oxwall's dump was already imported.
Please, empty your database and try to install it again.
Melvs Camasis
Melvs Camasis Aug 23 '10
yes that's what i did, before i did it the 2nd time when i had the reply from you, i also deleted the mysql database and the location where oxwall is being installed and created a new one to be sure that it is empty, is there any other way to delete or emptysql dump
Den Team
Den Aug 24 '10
@Melvs Camasis
Sorry, what do you mean under "is there any other way to delete or emptysql dump"?
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 24 '10
@Melvs, If you need more help with it do drop me a line on shuttertime and we can do a step by step if u like.
Rivu Oct 23 '10
Hey,I have The Same Error,Every time!!!What to do??
Den Team
Den Oct 25 '10
What error do you have? Would you more specify it please?
Dani Dec 16 '10
I also I have the same problem. When finished installing, I have all empty! I deleted the database several times and always the same!
Den Team
Den Dec 17 '10
On third step, when you inserted code into config.php file, in this code find contant DEV_MODE and set it to true. Them, finish installation. You will see an actual error.
Post it here please
The Forum post is edited by Den Dec 17 '10
ro ho
ro ho Jan 27 '11
i have the same issue. when i get to the install plugins step, and i select them and click finish i get a blank page. if i install without doing the plugins, then it installs, but i am still not ablee to install any plugins
Den Team
Den Jan 31 '11
@ro ho
Enable DEV_MODE on installation and try again. You will get an actual error. Post it here please.
Erkan Erkol
Erkan Erkol Jun 23 '11
As they said try to install database several times. I press to finish buton it waits waits and waits. When I close I get error page. I try to dev_mode =true but I could not get any debug output. I look to the database everything is ok
Is it beauce of cron job. I try windows task manager.
my system = windows 7, xampp 1.7.4
  finishbuton.jpg (67.99Kb)
Erkan Erkol
Erkan Erkol Jun 24 '11
Lloyd Merithew Oct 4 '10

if you have any problem on finilazing in installation because you defined your server as localhost:8082 or different port
please try under ow_core at application.php
ref:Lloyd Merithew Oct 4 '10
public function init()
// Comment out this urlHostRedirect() and the site will open without the error
// $this->urlHostRedirect();

for me started to work
I will give detail information step by step later to work in Win7+netbeans+xdebug+xampp1.7.4 (apache 2.2,php,mysql,filezilla..)+oxwall
thanks to developers community for grate information they provide over this forum. I wish I can help too
The Forum post is edited by Erkan Erkol Jun 24 '11
Den Team
Den Nov 21 '11
Topic was moved from Bug reports and troubleshooting.
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