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Please tell me who to contact about fintech development? | Forum

Sartu Nov 24
Your help is urgently needed. Please tell me who to contact about fintech development? I need help developing a digital banking application. If not difficult, then recommend a couple of options.
gemma Nov 24
Even though it took me some time to read through all of the comments Quordle, I thought the post was very interesting. I'm sure everyone here also found it to be very useful!
Oliver Nov 25
We will also need our own mobile application soon. We want people to be able to choose our product and immediately order it. I wonder how much programmers will charge for their services, I want to calculate everything in advance. I want to find such developers - who will not only make the program, but will also monitor the work of this application in the future, because it needs to be updated, otherwise it will simply freeze...
Jennifer Nov 26
Digital banking is part of the broader context of the transition to online banking, where banking services are provided over the Internet. The transition from traditional to digital banking has been gradual and is still evolving. I think you will find a lot of information on the Internet, even a Google expert can be found on LinkedIn communities.
Dranko Nov 26
I agree with the views of all the information on the Internet there are companies for the development of custom software and consulting companies are.It all depends on you what kind of specialists you need, there are hired in the outsourcing company.
Jennifer Nov 28
FinTech companies help solve territorial problems in countries with low use of banking services and help residents to simplify access to banking services, opening up new opportunities. there is an official FinTech website 
https://itexus.com/ I strongly recommend to contact them. in the future I think that the FinTech system will develop strongly and powerfully!