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How do you Finance an Apartment/Multifamily Building? | Forum

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emilibarn Nov 28 '22

Keep in mind that lenders only make money if they close loans. So they will always want to talk to you, and they will always want to get you off the phone fast if you or the property do not qualify. They already know that most financing requests are not going to qualify for their loan programs so their first task when you call will be to disqualify you.


As a commercial mortgage banker, I have closed hundreds of apartment building loans over the past 24 years. When I get an inquiry from an investor looking for multifamily financing, I first ask them some questions to determine the quality of the property – its location, occupancy, income and physical condition. Next, I screen the borrower for cash, net worth, and experience. If it is a purchase, I always ask them how much cash they have to put down, and what their net worth and liquidity is. I’m not going to make a loan to them if they will be stone broke after closing.

Meverick22 Dec 6 '22

Applying for a construction loan allows you to finance an apartment or multifamily development. This form of loan permits you to pay the difference between the building's price and the amount you can borrow. To obtain a construction loan, you must have strong credit, a stable income, and a sufficient credit score. Additionally, the lender will need assurance that you can repay the loan by contributing some of your own money. There are various institutions that offer these types of loans, but you may need to apply to more than one to get approved. Variety of loans are available for finance an apartments for example  home loans, instant loans, Payday loans etc.,are given for Instant Loans by Money-wise. 

Joji S
Joji S Jan 13 '23
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max Jan 22 '23
Not sure what to do with loans and debts? I want to take out a loan.
Daniel Brian
Daniel Brian Jan 22 '23
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texttovideo Dec 19 '23
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