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Facebook connect | Forum

Crystal Feb 26 '11
i have noticed that when I set global restrictions to guests can view the site the Facebook connect works.
However when this is set to guests cannot view the site then the facebook connect does not work but returns to the join page attached only.

Also how can one adjust the attached page to remove the white space and maybe add images?
  2011-01-27_201459.bmp (2474.79Kb)
Crystal Feb 28 '11
Anyone else have this problem?
Shripati Feb 28 '11
yes i also tryed and i have also same problem
Den Team
Den Feb 28 '11
What version of FB connect plugin do you have? You can check it in ow_plugins/fbconnect/plugin.xml
Crystal Feb 28 '11
version 1.0
Crystal Feb 28 '11
Is this a bug or are we using the wrong version?
Patrick Feb 28 '11
I believed you need to see the "build" tag… current build is 3060!
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Crystal Feb 28 '11
That is version 1.0 and seems to be buggy.
Den Team
Den Mar 1 '11
yes, the latest build is 3060.
Shripati Mar 1 '11
My build is 3060 but f-connect not working when set global restrictions to guests cannot view the site
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Crystal Mar 1 '11
That is the problem I have found too.
Den Team
Den Mar 2 '11
If you have the latest core version (1.0.3 ) and latest fbconnect (revision 3060) it must works. Our dev team checked Crystal's site and it works fine :)
Patrick Mar 2 '11
@Crystal, with regards to editing the sign-in page, it is the same process as the splash screen. see our site as example
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Shripati Mar 3 '11
I have the latest core version (1.0.3 ) and latest fbconnect (revision 3060) not working
Den Team
Den Mar 9 '11
Our dev guys found an issue. Will release fix on next week.
Thanks for report guys!
Patrick Mar 28 '11
Has anybody still experiencing this? Anyways, someone messaged me, and I answered this, as he thought we resolved the issue:

As per our site, it isn't really locked out from guest, because you can actually browse pages if you know the url:

say a profile page: http://tugstugs.com/users/TugstugsAdmin

you can also edit pages to require login.

As per the login, it just done via redirection to tugstugs/sign-in

Hope that helps.

EDIT: @Addenster, I think Italics tag does not work. :D
The Forum post is edited by Patrick Mar 28 '11
Crystal Apr 1 '11
Has this fix been released????
Den Team
Den Apr 4 '11
Italic fix will be released with core update tomorrow :)
Crystal Apr 5 '11
Thanks for update.
Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 2 '12
Did you follow instructions from this manual? http://docs.oxwall.org/plugin-tuts:facebook-connect