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What are fintech startups of software products for banks? | Forum

Marik90 Feb 3 '23
I have several bank cards. And it takes up a lot of space in my wallet. I would like to simplify this task and combine all my bank cards into one application. Is there such an application specifically for banks and how to use it? What developers create such applications for banks?
Oliver Feb 4 '23
You raised an interesting topic, I also have several bank cards, but I have never thought about an application that will accommodate all these cards, but you gave a good idea, I will look for more detailed information on this topic, I hope for a positive result...
Piter Feb 4 '23
Undoubtedly, it is easier to pay in stores through a mobile device if you link your card there. This has been practiced for a long time. It is important here if the bank itself supports such FINTECH banking software.
Gerald Feb 4 '23
We found a company that outsources IT products and offers development with design for fintech startups and international banks https://alty.co/ They provide developed software and web solutions, support and maintenance, and development of financial solutions. They work on a crowdsourcing model to provide clients with high quality services at reduced prices. They also provide technical support, application auditing and analysis, and application development.
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Bern Lomer
Bern Lomer Feb 4 '23
In any business in which monetary settlements take place, fintech technologies can be used. Various cash payments are made almost everywhere in municipal institutions and government agencies.
stas namin
stas namin Feb 4 '23
I myself wonder if there is such an application that combines all bank cards into one single payment wallet. It would be very convenient not to carry a bunch of plastic cards in the cardholder, but I don’t quite understand if there is even such a thing, how it works if the Internet payment is clear, I chose the card you pay and you’re done, but I think there can’t be a single card, but the application is for sure There is.
rosy dam
rosy dam Mar 15 '23
Undoubtedly, it is easier to pay in stores through a mobile device if you link your hogwarts legacy map card there. This has been practiced for a long time. And the future will be even more extensive
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oliviaduke Mar 17 '23
If you attach your card there, vampire survivors using a mobile device to pay in shops is simpler.
Alistair Mar 17 '23
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Kseniia Dec 15 '23

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