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My users can post without having credits - Shoutbox | Forum

Michael Dec 29 '12
I have noticed several of our users can post without having credits. The credit amount has been set correctly and is actually the default setting of -1. Can you please advise?

Other than that everything else works perfectly.
Zaph Dec 30 '12
Actually there is a check for posting messages in Shoutbox, which doesn't grant or take credits if messages were sent within one minute.

Did you try to send messages one after another? Or may be these users are moderators?

Michael Dec 30 '12
New users that sign up for the first time have 0 credits, they are still allowed to post unlimited messages by the looks of it. Its only users that have credits that work there way down to 0 who end up not being able to post. So for now we issue every new member with 1 credit in the hope that this prevents them from posting unlimited messages.

Are you saying admins and moderators can post without any credits? I assigned myself 2 credits and once I had used them it displayed a message about getting some more in red.
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